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  • Bryon Harris

DeDe Wedekind - 'Dream of You'

Singer/songwriter DeDe Wedekind is a phenomenal, award winning Country/Americana artist, based out of Houston, Texas who has received critical acclaim and countless music industry awards for her international chart topping songs. Most recently, DeDe won the 2016 Best New Female Artist of the Year (Indie Music Channel Awards) and Album of the Year (IMEA Awards). These are just two major awards out of many DeDe has won. DeDe is also charting internationally as she receives heavy rotation in the Euro-Indie music market as well as in the U.S. and International Indie Digital Radio Tracker Charts. It is no surprise as DeDe's music brings a breath of fresh air to the Country/Americana scene.

DeDe's chart topping single, “Dream of You” begins with a brief introduction featuring an ensemble of stringed instruments. It is instantly mesmerizing. The mixture of guitars and bowed strings makes for a lulling sound which is only enhanced by the gentle, inviting and warm timbre of DeDe's voice. “Dream of You” is a gorgeous song that shows off DeDe’s melodic prowess and songwriting capabilities.

This song is about being in love with someone who is far away, perhaps in a distant land or just symbolically, and how even though this love is far away, it fills her dreams. DeDe captures this perfectly with the emotion in her beautiful voice and through her lyrics. She sings,“Your smile’s a river I can drink. It gives me hope, it gives me strength. And in the evening when I dream. It’s always you.”

The most amazing component of the song "Dream of You" is DeDe's brilliant use of Celtic components, both lyrically and melodically. "Too ral loo, Too ral lie. You’re my earth, my moon, my sky. Too ral lie, Too ra loo. There’s nothing I love more than you." This simple message is bound to bring tears to your eyes as it resonates like a warm fire, like the ancient love songs and melodies from long ago that are timeless and universally loved. She describes this section as a "lonesome lullaby" and it is sung throughout the song with passion and depth.

“Dream of You” is stunning. There is no question as to why DeDe and her song "Dream of You" is connecting with so many people around the world. In a fast paced world, DeDe has written a song "Dream of You" that stops the clock, makes your heart skip a beat and takes your breath away and we all need a little of this type of beauty in our lives. Along with her song "Dream of You," DeDe has four albums that are available on all major online music retailers. You can also listen to DeDe’s music on Pandora Radio and Youtube. For more information, visit DeDe Wedekind's website.

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