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Simone Nicole - 'Blind'

Simone Nicole is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas. Brandishing a pure and beautiful tone, Simone’s music and lyrics tap into a place of raw emotion that creates an extremely moving musical experience. In 2011, Simone released her first self-written and produced EP, 'Hanging on a Cloud.' Since then she has landed performances at reputable venues such as the House of Blues and the Kessler Theater. Simone continues to impress with her new song “Blind,” a selection off her upcoming 2017 full-length album.

“Blind” starts off with a slow and simple acoustic guitar strumming with a light picking pattern. Shortly following is the entrance of Simone’s lush and inviting vocals. The simplicity of the music landscape and the pure beauty of Simone's vocal tone, accompanied by the soft guitar, creates a beautiful blend. It is the type of entrance that sends shivers up your spine and immediately draws you in.

After the first chorus, a light percussion enters along with some vocal harmonies making for an indulgent sound. There is also a lovely and tasteful guitar solo that cries with the song instead of overpowering it. The musicianship is tight featuring Tim Phelan, drums; Brendan Gilman, electric guitar and basee; Drew Harakal, keys. The song has great production, placing the vocals perfectly above the mix.

In the song “Blind,” Simone uses poetic, raw and honest lyrics paired with gorgeous melodies and the result is a song that will stick in your head long after you’ve heard it. In the chorus she sings, “You are my setting sun. Last sight of light I see. Before I let in the misery. You are my setting sun. Last sight of light I see. So detached from reality. You turn me blind.” Simone sings these words with such passion that listeners connect with her music effortlessly. There is an overall melancholy mood to the song that is very moving.

Below is Nicole's excellent performance of the cover song "The Diary of Jane." This video highlights her musicianship and vocal talent and gives a taste of what is to come in the future.

There is no doubt that Simone Nicole is an extremely talented artist who possesses a very special and unique voice that is beautiful and a songwriting craft that is beyond her years; with songs like “Blind,” Simone can go any were she wants to go with her music career. Simone is currently working with Tim Phelan, Brendan Gilman, Drew Harakal, Brook Wallace and others on her first full-length album which will be released early 2017. For more information or to pre-order her upcoming album, please visit her website.

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