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  • Bryon Harris

VisualEyez The Poet - "Stomping Ground"

Hailing from Oakland, California VisualEyez The Poet is an imaginative and dynamic hip hop artist with pop and reggae influences. A consummate and creative writer, VisualEyez The Poet presents a range of topics in his music taking on love, war, politics, poverty, money and more. As a multi-faceted artist and composer, he scored the soundtrack for Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of the Kuma Video Game with Rza (Wu-Tang), Musical Director. Fresh off VisualEyez The Poet’s album ‘N.C.R Northern California Renaissance’ comes the single “Stomping Grounds” which takes listeners inside VisualEyez’s Cali experience.

The song “Stomping Grounds” opens up with two spoken words – “welcome back.” After the words are spoken, the song lays down a track that is smooth and inviting with a balance of beat, melody and vocalese that is welcoming in the sense that you will want to follow VisualEyez The Poet wherever it is that he is taking you and the place he is taking you is his old Stomping Ground, where the journey began and returns to. In “Stomping Grounds” VisualEyez The Poet has created a authentic tribute to his home-base in Northern Cali. “I be giving mad peace to my stomping grounds; there ain’t nothing like the streets in my stomping grounds. I got a family full of freaks in my stomping grounds, there ain't even time to sleep in my stomping grounds.” Take a moment to check out the well-produced video of Stomping Ground:

In "Stomping Ground" VisaulEyez The Poet paints a poetic musical photo-book of life on his hometown street that includes all the hustle, the parties, ladies, family, friends and freaks. As a listener the impression given is that VisualEyez has taken all of his experiences, set out on a journey that has expanded his imaginative horizons, but returns in a humble manner to his stomping ground, a place where for him “there ain’t nothing like.” Keeping it genuine and remembering your roots is what stomping grounds is all about. The song cuts out at the end to deadpan sound of a street that doesn't let you sleep. Produced by Coleco, the mix of “Stomping Ground” is just right. The track has an upbeat yet relaxed vibe with melodic keyboard phrasing that adds just a touch of pop sensibility making "Stomping Ground" a song that is universally appealing. VisualEyez The Poet is an artist who is confident; he presents a strong hip hop acumen laced with poetry and story-telling delivered by a smooth and easy-on-the-ears vocal tone that sounds as natural as his ability. The single Stomping Grounds" proves that VisaulEyez The Poet has everything it takes of journey far - and to return back to Northern Cali - bearing the incredible gift of his undeniable creativity and talent.

To learn more about VisualEyes The Poet, visit his website.

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