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  • Bryon Harris

The Crawdaddies - 'Mondo Diddley'

The Crawdaddies have been receiving major kudos for their award-winning music and performance as they continuously garnish rave reviews, play major festivals, share the stage with notable artists such as Etta James and grow a large, enthusiastic fan-base proving that if you give the world great music, the world gives back.

Drawing their unique sound from a variety of influences including Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Ska, Roots, Rock and Reggae, The Crawdaddies create a sound that moves both the body and the soul. Members of the band include: Kraig Greff, accordion, piano; Chris Huntington, vocals, guitar; Javier Rivera, vocals, washboard, acoustic guitar; Rod Gross, drums, and Jay Turner, bass. With their latest album, ‘Lagniappe’ comes the smooth and funky hit single, “Mondo Diddley.”

“Mondo Diddley” kicks off with a percussive intro (complete with some grunts and laughs). Some horns follow then the band ramps up into a full musical landscape. Only a few minutes into the music and the listener is already enveloped by a mesmerizing groove. The vibe is one that you can can close your eyes to, sway or dance to. The vocals enter with a tone that is confident, yet down-to-earth. There are intermittent guitar solos, short riffs that accent the song melodically then mid-way the solos take more shape with extended keyboard parts that show-off the stellar musicianship of the band. The Crawdaddies achieve that rare ability to make recorded music sound as though it is live and they achieve it with spot-on, tight rhythm and high musical aptitude.

Each verse of “Mondo Diddley” tells a story. The first verse paints two sides of a wall, one side is the “black of night” and holds “a bucket of hate” and the other side “shines like a railroad light” and has “a bucket of love.” The lyrics speak of spending “so many years in the dessert that I can’t shake the sands from my eyes” and the blurring lines of the present, future and past. As the song moves forward, each verse is encased by shouts of “Mondo Diddley” that echo. The song ends with a great guitar solo once again showing that the band has chops, not the kind of chops that they need to show off, but the kind of chops that are tasteful and musical, the kind of chops that only the most sophisticated musicians offer.

One thing is certain after listening to “Mondo Diddley,” The Crawdaddies are far more than a group of very fine musicians – they are a band that delivers phenomenal musicianship and songs with depth and they do it with passion and soul. “Mondo Diddly” showcases the Crawdaddies’ unique sound and undeniable talent and it is a great sneak-peak into their new alubm, 'Lagniappe.' To learn more about the Crawdaddies, visit their website. You can purchase ‘Lagniappe’ at Amazon.

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