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  • Bryon Harris

Ladyshark - 'Monsters'

Ladyshark are a two-piece, self-produced rock duo using guitar loops, FX, vocals and drums. The group is reminiscent of the 1990’s underground indie-punk-rock bands like Sleater-Kinney and Riot Grrl. The duo seeks to push rock boundaries while offering an intense performance and they achieve this goal in 'Monsters.' Lady Shark is fronted by Sarah Vardy on vocals and guitar and the award-winning percussionist Jane Boxall on drums.

The song "Monsters" opens up with a hard-rocking, impressive and catchy eighth-note guitar lick that becomes multi-layered. The layering effect of the track creates a musical landscape of seamless patterns that emerge and build and, as more more percussion is added to the mix, the result is a head-banging intensity. The intro is definitely captivating from the get-go.

Front woman Sarah Vardy enters on the first verse - “Lately I’ve been thinking about all the monsters that I’ve met.” Sarah’s vocal performance is perfect for the edgy and alternative vibe of the song. She is emotive, but maintains a sharp and crisp vocal tone that rises above the layered musical landscape with clarity and urgency. As “Monsters” progresses into the chorus, there is notable percussive work by Jane Boxall, a stellar musician, who keeps the energy burning throughout the song.

Lyrically, the verses of “Monsters” are well-written with thoughtful imagery, message and reflection. “Have we grown so close that my mirror has a monster in it?” My favorite line in the song is, “I try to smile and nod at my white girl problems every day.” This type of reflection is raw and honest and is what pushes the walls that Ladyshark seeks to breakdown. The lyrics of the chorus are straight-forward: “This fear has built a wall. I’m trying to not fall.” Sometimes I cannot hide from all this pain inside,” proceeded by a section of “Whoa oh oh’s” that are well-paced, melodic and delivered with just the right amount of indifference that reflects that songs message. The music drives to the end with more developed guitar riffs and percussion. The ending outro hits you with a twist, “Could I become the monster I’ve been scared of for so long?” Check out this video of another great song by Ladyshark titled, "Set Yourself Free."

Ladyshark shows that they can deliver with musical intensity and ability, lyrics that push it to the edge, vocals that are sharp and clear with just the right amount of restrain and emotion, all while maintaining an energy that keeps the music alive from beginning to end. 'Monsters" is available on all major digital outlets. For more info on Ladyshark, visit their website.

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