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  • Bryon Harris

Christine Irizarry -'Vital'

Christine Irizarry is a singer-songwriter based out of Philadelphia. Irizarry’s began her musical journey in musical theater, but her influences are broad and include everything from crooners to jazz and Motown, pop and indie. Irizarry strives to create music that paints a story and opens the door's for listeners to feel and experience life in a way that they hadn't before. Her song, “Vital,” off of her album ‘Write as Rain” accomplishes just that and more.

The song begins with a chordal piano progression followed by a splash of added production. Once Irizarry’s voice comes in, you are immediately washed over by the emotion in her voice. You can hear the musical theater influence in her song-writing, which helps contribute to the “story-telling” aspect of her music and draws the listener inside. Irizarry's vocal tone is clear and expressive.

“Vital” tells the story of someone who is rising above feelings of being "misused" and doubts of being "unexceptional" or "ordinary." But there is an inner strength that is moving through this story like "a roar of thunder." Essentially, this song is about revitalizing yourself and reclaiming your self-worth and it is powerful and uplifting. One thing is certain - Irizarry is not ordinary; she is exceptional. Vital has an immediate passionate feel to it; you can feel it building. In the chorus, Irizarry sings, “I've got a storm inside me brewing, unrestrained. And its renewing every flame that you've been quenching all these years. No more heavy hearted pensive pessimistic tears. Got a ceaseless fury finally bursting in today. Revitalized I realize I'll be ok.” Check out the video below to experience the story of 'Vital.'

Armed with a passionate voice and melodic prowess, Irizarry succeeds in providing a musical experience that taps into your emotions and, in the case of 'Vital", lifts you up. This is a great song to start the New Year off with; it will leave you feeling empowered. “Vital” is a great introduction to Christine Irizarry. For more information on Irizarry and her music, visit her website.

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