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  • Bryon Harris

The Sound of Ghosts - 'Song No. 9'

The Sound of Ghosts are a Los Angeles based Indie Americana Rock group. Consisting of six very talented members: Anna Orbison, Lead Vocals; James Orbison, Bass/Vocals; Ernesto Rivas, Guitar; Jon Sarna, Drums; Christian Robinson, Trumpet and Phoebe Silva, Violin. This one of a kind group draws their sound from folk, bluegrass, country, blues, and rock creating a truly unique sound. With amazing songwriting and exceptional musicianship and originality, The Sound of Ghosts will be haunting us for a long time to come. Song No. 9 off of their album ‘Come Home’ is a great example of their killer sound.

The song begins with a rock influence, jamming out with an electric guitar riff that is soon joined by bass and drums. This intro goes for about 25 seconds before a count-off leads to the full entry of the band. A band member counts out the meter, "" the mood and atmosphere (provided in the intro) completely changes from a rock feel, to a more gypsy-folk feel that is very engaging. "Song No. 9" is a high energy, foot-tapping song and a great introduction to The Sound of Ghosts. The band displays stellar and tight musicianship through engaging musical arrangements complimented by catchy melodies vocally and instrumentally. Speaking of solos, there are plenty of trade-off between instruments, taking leads, almost like a jazz band showing exceptional chops and musicality. The solo played by the trumpet adds a very unique sound to the song's arrangement, differentiating The Sound of Ghosts from other Americana bands.

"Song No. 9" is about a romance that was doomed from the start. It is about treating someone wrongly because you can't leave them even if you know that you should. The lyrics speak about telling someone that you will always love them, but truly not being able to be with them. "I will always love you I said to you, but I can't, I just can't be with you." Vocally, The Sound of Ghosts is fronted by lead singer Anna Orbison. Anna is a very solid singer and is perfect for this down-to-earth genre that fits her like a glove. The band also offers up background vocals that sound great.

The Sound of Ghost are a truly unique band that bring a very fresh sound to the Americana table, a sound that you don't find too often, making it easy to see why their popularity is quickly rising in the Southern California scene and will surely spread nationally. The band just released their first album, ‘Come Home,’ and had a great time touring the Southwest. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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