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Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show - 'Lets Have a Rockin Christmas' (Ep1098 TV Broadcast)

Kick-off your holiday with Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show's 'Lets Have a Rockin Christmas.' The show features seven music videos from around the world that will make you merry. Watch and hear a brand new rendition of the classic "Frosty the Snowman" by the Forty Nineteens, a beautiful Christmas ballad called "Christmas Cards" by Peter Unger, rockin' holiday songs like "Let's Have A Rockin Christmas" by the Doughboys and so much more. Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show - 'Lets Have a Rockin Christmas' (Ep1098 TV Broadcast) is the perfect show to get your holiday in gear.

From Los Angeles, California, the show opens with "Christmas Comes Early" written by Will Jay and directed by Ernie Vasquez. This delightful video is the perfect way to get started. The video is filmed in front of a fireplace with a decorated Christmas tree and the most adorable puppies to warm your heart. Will Jay presents a pop-perfect, tenor-range vocal performance with an inviting stage presence. "Christmas Comes Early" is radio-ready with excellent production and a very catchy chorus, "The Holidays just ain't the same without you. You know that I miss you so baby please hurry and make Christmas come early. Don't care if you borrow Santa's Reindeer, you just need to be here. Don't care if you hurry. Just make Christmas come early this year."

Hailing from Dorset, The UK, YSANNE feat. ZanZclan is up next presenting "Christmas in the Sun." The video, directed by YSANNE, is exciting both visually and musically. "Christmas in the Sun" has a great up-tempo reggae beat that lays down the foundation for smooth vocals with excellent tone. The lyrics tell a story about a love that has "turned cold as the weather" and the perfect remedy for a broken heart - a holiday on the beach! Moving from the memory of a cold, winter day at the end of a relationship to a fun and fantastic holiday party on the beach, "Christmas in the Sun" is simply full of positive vibes. The song tops it off with a very memorable chorus, "Christmas in the Sun. Find that special someone. Christmas in the sun. I'm gonna have such fun with that perfect someone."

From Los Angeles, California, The Forty Nineteens rock out the classic song, "Frosty the Snowman." The Forty Nineteens' version has elements of grunge and punk with some distorted guitars and nice hard-hitting drums giving the music just the right amount of grit and lots of great energy. Throughout the song there are chorus-like harmonies and hand-clapping to participate in. Directed by Monique Grime, the video is pure entertainment with great modern rock graphics and a snowman that comes to life. The Forty Nineteens add a touch of cool to this old Christmas classic bringing Frosty to life with raw energy and a tight performance.

Up next, changing the pace, is "Christmas Cards" by Pastor Peter Unger from Allentown, Pennsylvania. This beautifully written song is lovely and moving both lyrically and melodically. "Christmas Cards" focuses on the true spirit of Christmas - love. Opening with finger-style guitar playing, the lyrics tell us that Christmas comes once a year to "show us what love does when it grows." The video, directed by Lisa Koza, is very picturesque; each scene feels as though you are looking at an old photo album or a Christmas card, giving the video a warm, nostalgic feel. Both the song and video will renew and brighten your holiday spirit.

The fifth track by Wayne Olivieri / DJ Chris Ibe, from Plainfield, New Jersey , is

"I Love Christmas Time (remix)." It was also directed by Monique Grime. "I Love Christmas Time (remix) is a club/radio single that will get your holiday dance jam moving. It has a great, contagious beat laced with catchy melodies that will instantly get you on the dance floor or dancing in your own living room! The song opens with a shout, "I love Christmas time!" followed by music that is packed with well-mixed electronica, great vocals, fun lyrics, an upbeat energy and a video that has plenty of gorgeous women in Santa hats! This song and it's video will keep your ears and your eyes dancing.

From Plainfield, New Jersey, The Doughboys "Let's Have A Rockin Christmas' is a blues-rock track with a funky rock groove and a hit chorus. The song opens with tambourine, a fat, groovin' bass line followed by crunchy guitar playing and rockin' drums; you will later be treated to a harmonica solo. The band keeps the energy going from beginning to end. The vocals enter with" Come on Santa. Don't be late. I've been good all year. I even lost some weight." The video, which is shot live at a show, invites you to a front seat performance of the Doughboys. Their performance is polished; clearly The Doughboys know how to write a hit and perform it in a way that connects with audiences and takes the house down.

The last song on the show is the catchy "Say You Love Me For Christmas" by Les Fradkin, from Parker, Colorado. The video, directed by Lretta Pieper, features a performance of Les playing an amazing electronic guitar with a green and red colored fret-board that is simply mesmerizing to watch. Les plays the instrument with ease and offers up good rhythm guitar skills and some nice melodic work as well; Les also gives a solid singing performance with rich vocals. The memorable chorus, "Say you love me for Christmas and you'll be my Santa Claus" will stay with you as a good chorus should.

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