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  • Bryon Harris

Many Mountains - 'What's the Difference?'

Many Mountains, a folk-rock trio from Colorado, bring a fresh sound to the folk-rock scene. Many Mountains three members, Katie-Rose Nelson, Dustin Moran and Josh Gordon focus their talents to great songwriting and creating a new vibe to the folk experience that is sprinkled with improvisational and ambient textures. Many Mountains uses their music to tell stories and give insight on the complexities of relationships we have with ourselves and others. Their song, “What’s the Difference?” is a great introduction to their undeniable talent.

The song begins with an ambient instrumental that slowly fades as Katie enters. After the count in, we are serenaded by a melodic and tasteful electric guitar line which is complimented by soft acoustic guitar playing; all parts are seamlessly brought together by a steady, folk-rock percussion. The mix gives Many Mountains a professional sound that could rival any other top folk band. The arrangement of the instrumentation is completed with the pure, shimmering quality of Katie's vocals which are excellent. “What’s the Difference?” gives a great first impression of Many Mountains.

“What’s the Difference?” tells a story of someone who is trying to keep steady during a time of uncertainty. It is about finding yourself and starting over when things start to fall apart. "I lost my job and I don't get no pay to sit around and write songs all day, but that's what I do. Well, it feels better than being somebody else's fool." The story talks about searching for one's self, but feeling like you are going in circles. In the chorus Katie sings, “Like going off on a Southbound train. In my head, far and strange. I'll be driving the same streets again. It's been weeks since I lost my heart. Walking in circles like it's an art. Instead of searching for something that sets life apart. And what's the difference when things fail to start?” Many Mountains paints more than a story with their music - they paint emotion and it is in this ability to tap emotional moments with music that Many Mountains goes beyond just good folk, but into memorable folk; they create a connection between the music and the listener and they do it well. Many Mountains is a folk-rock band that offers an unforgettable music experience with quality musicianship, songwriting and beautiful, vocals. Their song “What’s the Difference?” proves that they have what it takes to be a top charting folk-rock band who can bring a fresh sound to the scene.

Many Mountains plan to go on tour in Spring/Summer 2017. To purchase their music, visit bandcamp or their website.

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