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  • Bryon Harris

Anybody There - 'Darkest Hour'

Hailing from Argentino, Anybody There is a duet made up of Guillermina Perrino (MaryGui) and Emanuel Mendez (Piel Reloj). This duo is very unique in that they have a long-distance working relationship where each member of the duo contributes, via the internet, from their individual home studios to create original and unique music together. Their album "Monsters" contains ten songs written in English which include a wide variety of styles like alternative rock and trip hop. Inspired by bands like Radiohead, Portishead, Metric, and Pink Floyd, one single that stands out on the album is "Darkest Hour."

"Darkest Hour" opens with a vocal introduction by Guillermina Perrino (MaryGui). She tells a story in a speaking type of tone, a nod to the trip hop influcence, offering a vocalese-setting for the lyrics, "I will give you till 3 to catch her on the line, I'll beg you to be, her guardian in the night." This introduction is accompanied by simple and effective arpeggios on guitar and percussion.

After four versus of story telling, a melodic line appears above the mix adding alternative harmonic phrases for a haunting sound. Following is a swirling addition of electronica which leads us straight into the the chorus which comes towards the end of the song. The chorus is marked by a more melodic singing vocal line. "Come, break the spell..." Guillermina's voice does break the spell; she has a lovely, pure bell-like tone that you will want to hear more of when she breaks into full singing. The beat throughout is smooth and mesmerizing. This is a song you can lose yourself in.

"Darkest Hour" is a song about a moment in time, "enslaved" by a clock that is ticking the hours away as a woman stands on the brink of no return and what it feels like to want to bring that person back to you to "You have to find her now to put her mind at rest. She might be sailing alone through the dark universe." The song seems to speak of pain and yearning and of one's self disappearing into another world. The lyrics are poetic and raw. The music paints a picture of a universe that is mysterious and it draws you into that mood.

Please enjoy this video of Anybody There performing the song "Endless."

"Darkest Hour" ends with a return to the haunting melody of the chorus. "The Birds from the sky can bring her down. I've never seen her like that...." With very nice vocals, tight musicianship and an alternative edge with poetic lyrics, Anybody There is a note-worthy addition to your music library. Anybody There's music can be found on all major digital outlets.

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