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  • Bryon Harris

OSOG - 'Who Who'

OSOG is an exotic music collective from Israel that formed in 2013 who is starting to make waves in the United States. OSOG has released two full studio albums and have performed hundreds of shows including several international festivals as well as touring Europe and Canada. Formed from punk rockers, metal-heads, jazz and classical musicians, OSOG’s music is a celebration of creativity and a love for music. Their song “Who Who” off their self-titled album is a fantastic showcase of OSOG’s musical abilities.

Starting off with only a moving bass line accompanied by snaps on the up-beat, “Who Who” captivating listeners right from the start. With the addition of vocals, the song takes off with an intriguing use of vocal layering creating a musical landscape unique to OSOG. Leading into the chorus, both the bass and the snapping fall off as and the vocals sing, “If you survive that blast. Now how do you,” signaling the entrance of the full band. Using a diverse cast of instruments, OSOG creates a beautiful arrangement in the chorus that provides a stark contrast from the more simplistic verse, making for an extremely engaging song.

OSOG is undoubtedly a one of a kind band that provides a unique music experience that merits recognition. Their song, “Who Who,” is a shimmering example of what OSOG has to bring to the table, great songwriting performed by great musicians. With mandolin, ukulele, bass, lap-steel, violin, percussion, vibraphone, and great vocal work, OSOG is a band that offers a full acoustic experience that is stellar recorded and live and will thrill fans of folk, Americana, acoustic and indie music. OSOG’s self-titled album is their most mature work to date and has been released as a limited edition vinyl. OSOG will be flying traveling to Kansas City, where they will perform in the next Folk Alliance International Festival. The band will then be flying to North Carolina where they will record their third studio album. For more information, visit OSOG's website.

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