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  • Bryon Harris

Mariannie - 'Under the Mistletoe'

Mariannie is a singer-songwriter hailing from Ontario, Canada. Her genre is fused with R & B, pop and adult-contemporary. Her latest single "Under the Mistletoe' was released in November, just in time for the holiday season. "Under the Mistletoe" is a great new Christmas song filled with all the right stuff: a great melodic tune, a catchy chorus, and a romantic and fun message - all delivered by a talented artist, Marrianie who writes, records and produces all her music.

The song "Under the Mistletoe" which was written by Mariannie is sure to be a holiday hit.

It opens with a few bell-like sounds then picks up with some percussion followed by orchestration before falling into a nice finger-snapping groove. Marriannie enters singing, "Under the Mistletoe. Under the Mistletoe." There are nice background harmonies that have a distinctive R & B, Motown like flavor that compliment the song very well.

The verse starts by painting a winter story of snow falling, bitter cold air, wind blowing and a warm fireplace. As she describes this winter scene, she sings "I'll wait for you, under the Mistletoe" because..."Christmas just ain't Christmas without you under the Mistletoe." It is charming and inviting. The chorus is very catchy with a memorable melodic tune that will have you singing along. "Oh Christmas ain’t Christmas without you under the mistletoe, under the mistletoe. Oh Christmas ain’t Christmas without you under the mistletoe, under the mistletoe." This Christmas song has the potential to be a true radio hit.

It's well-written and could easily chart. As the song builds to it's conclusion, Mariannie show that she has vocal chops with a full dynamic range that can hit the high notes with clarity and great tone.

"Under the Mistletoe" is a romantic Christmas song that is a fantastic and fun. It will surely put you in the mood for the romantic holiday season. The song has excellent production and truly shows off Mariannie's diverse ability. You can purchase "Under the Mistletoe at iTunes. To learn more about all that Mariannie has to offer and here other original and equally impressive songs, visit her website.

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