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  • Bryon Harris

Heronimus Fin - 'Home James and Don't Spare the Horses'

Formed in 1994 in Birmingham, England Underground/Psych band Heronimus Fin have released four albums. The band has an outstanding track record of success with far more accolades than can be listed in one review. To give you an idea of how popular and well-regarded the band is, Heronimus Fin was voted in the 500 most collectible artists by readers of the UK Magazine' Record Collector' for 6 years ranking above such notables as The Stereophonics, Cream, The Eagles, The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Robert Plant, Joe Satriani, Can and even Roger Waters! They also made national news and were featured on the TV show 'Big Breakfast' after releasing 'Animal Tragic' which was slated to raise money for Dorset’s 'Monkey Worl' and the chimpanzee Trudy who had been abused by circus owner Mary Chipperfield. The latest Line up for Heronimus Fin is Jonathan Buxton Jez Nutbean, Andy Cooke, Terry Boazman , Colin Edwards and Zoe Edwards and the band sounds as tight as ever.

"Home James and Don't Spare The Horses" is a new single off the album 'Blown Into Another Man's Sky.' The song is fantastically upbeat with a great groove and thoughtful lyrics. It opens with an unexpected drum roll then breaks into a scale-wise guitar riff that delivers you directly into the song. The song maintains a driving energy from beginning to end and the tune is very melodic and catchy.

The phrase Home James And Don't Spare The Horses originates from the 1930's and was a popular saying of the day that basically meant "take me home" and the band takes it home in this song. The first verse opens with, "The times are getting hard. Men grow faint from fear. Where has all the love gone that used to be round here." The song is dripping with message all while keeping the energy up and not getting too heavy. The phrase, "Maybe I'm a little strange, doesn't mean you can rearrange my life for me. Can't you see?" repeats throughout and is one of the best lines in the song which also has some political overtones, "So much for being free in this democracy." Check out this video of Heronimus Fin performing another one of their tunes, "Riding the Great Fantastic."

Heronimus Fin offers a creative edge with gripping lyrics set to an upbeat punk-rock vibe. They are a band that will just keep piling up the positive reviews with great music, musicianship and message. Up next for Heronimus Fin are performances at several festivals in the UK and Europe. They will also be releasing a limited vinyl E.P plus working on their 5th album. You can purhcase their music on bandcamp. To learn more about the band, visit their website.

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