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Christina Custode - 'All For Her'

Christina Custode is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Buffalo, NY. Custode’s undeniable talent has warranted Grammy consideration and has given her career a wonderful start. She has recently released her first full length album “From Here,” consisting of 13 songs written and performed by Custode. The album was produced by legendary engineer and producer, Stuart Epps, who has produced for artists such as Elton John and George Harrison. Custode’s song, “All For Her,” showcases her superb ability as a singer-songwriter.

“All For Her” kicks off directly into the first verse with just Custode’s voice accompanied by gentle piano chords. Right off the bat, Custode’s voice gives you the chills with her stunningly pure tone. Entering the second half of the verse, the song begins to build with the introduction of bass and small instances of drums before leading into the chorus with full instrumentation. Custode displays her advanced craft of creating memorable melodies, making a chorus that you will want to sing along with and a bridge that keeps the song interesting.

In “All For Her,” Custode sings about her past love who is now involved with someone new. In the chorus she sings, “So take your plastic smile and your downcast eyes. Save your words, you’ll only start the truth but end in lies and save your reasons for somebody who’ll believe them. Save it all for her.” Using beautiful melodies complemented by Custode’s gorgeous tone, she tells the story, of how she can now see through the façade of her old lover and he can save his act for his new partner, with passion and confidence.

Christina Custode is an artist capable of achieving widespread recognition and her song, “All For Her,” is proof she has what it takes. Custode is a master at creating songs that engage and resonate with universal audiences with sophistication, beauty, and meaning. As a prolific song-writer, with many new songs to look forward to, Custode’s music is available for purchase on all online music retailers. For more information visit her website.

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