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  • Bryon Harris

Betty Chrys Feat Eden Kartel - 'L'indifference'

Betty Chrys is a singer and songwriter from Lyon, France who has garnished tremendous international success. She has been featured on television and radio in several countries. Her latest track "Indifference" is already airing on TV channels in Switzerland and is sure to be a successful release for this dynamic and talented artist.

The song "L'indifference" opens with a mesmerizing choral effect that builds quickly in intensity. The music lands into into a great groove featuring full orchestration that is very exciting to listen to. This track is full of energy and passion. From the first note to the last, "L'indifference" is moving. The lyrics of the song are in French performed in a duo fasion by Betty Chrys and Eden Kartel. Vocally, the track is stellar. The singing is full of expression with great tone and articulation. Their vocal performance draws you in and holds you. The production got the mix just the right as the vocals are easy to listen to, clear and clean. The video of the song "Indifference" is visually excellent as it depicts a very captivating story with top-notch performances.

After listening to "L'indifference," it is easy to hear why Betty Chrys's music is soaring. The song is full of energy and passion; it is captivating and intriguing and audiences worldwide will tune in to listen.

To learn more about Betty Chrys, you can visit her website.

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