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  • Bryon Harris

SONA - 'Come Up For Air'

SONA is a music duo featuring Molly Mehlsack and Luke DeRoy. Together, Molly and Luke, create a truly stellar music experience. Both artists majored in songwriting at the notorious Berklee School of music where they soon discovered the undeniably soothing sensation created by the combination of their voices. With the help of a band from the college of music, SONA created their 5-track debut EP “Terribly Tangled” which they released in August, 2016.

Off of their debut EP, the song “Come Up For Air” showcases the dynamic duo’s knack for writing beautifully soothing melody’s and harmonies. The song begins with a steady drum beat, which is followed by a descending piano line that leads into the full arrangement. With the addition of a simple bass line and the occasional guitar lick, the band’s sound is mesmerizing and breath-taking.

The stellar musicianship of the band is only amplified by the vocal talent of Mehlsack and DeRoy. The moment Mehlsacks voice enters the mix, you are enveloped in her soulful, warm tone. Displaying great vocal control, Mehlsack has a stand-out voice that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens. The experience only gets better with the addition of DeRoy’s heavenly harmonies. DeRoy’s more delicate tone blends perfectly with Mehlsack’s, leaving you with goosebumps when they come together.

The lyrics to the jazzy love song are beautiful and interesting, poetic yet still down-to-earth and easy to relate to. "Where are we now? I don't stand a chance against your love. I might as well be sinking now. So baby come up for air."

SONA is a top of the line music duo, one of the best I've heard in a long time; discerning ears will appreciate their musicianship, vocal talent and songwriting skill which are polished to perfection.

Recently, SONA has signed a publishing deal with Palmpheon Music Publishing in Miami and will be beginning recording their next EP in January.

To purchase their EP or to get acquainted with the duo, please visit their website.

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