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  • Bryon Harris

Skarni - 'Stepping Stone'

Skarni is a song-writer from Ontario, Canada who is quickly growing in popularity through air-play and a very heavy touring schedule. Skarni performs 300+ times per year! He is also methodically recording and releasing his works. Engineered and recording by multi-gold record producer Michael Jack, Skarni’s self-titled debut album has aired on radio stations across the country.

Skarni's single “Stepping Stone” is a great introduction to Skarni’s talent. “Stepping Stone” starts off with a very nice lick on the acoustic guitar accompanied by a mellow bass line and soft strings in the background. Soon after, the song kicks into gear with the addition of electric guitar and drums. The song continues to build before returning to the first motif of the intro. The arrangement of this song is beautifully engaging, a true showcase of Skarni’s musicianship. Throughout, there are tasteful and melodic guitar solos. Skarni's voice is down-to-earth, inviting and relaxed.

Skarni’s “Stepping Stone” is a song about living each day in the moment. The first lyrical section of the song begins about a minute and fifteen seconds into the song with the words, “I stepped outside the Stepping Stone when I learned to live alone. Cast off the changing past 'cause I'm changing fast. Held on tight and threw away and made love to each day.” The chorus is undoubtedly catchy and memorable. His lyrics are poetic, insightful and thoughtful. "Stepping Stone" is also very uplifting, filling the soul with promise and a new vision for living life. "Stepping Stone" has depth and meaning.

After listening to “Stepping Stone,” there is no doubt that Skarni is an extremely talented song-writer. In both his vocals and instrumentation, Skarni proves his ability to evoke strong emotional reactions and through his thought-provoking music, a gift that all musicians and song-writers seek to have. After three years of touring Canada, Skarni is staying in Ontario through 2017 while performing and visiting studios across the province as he starts his 3rd project.

You can purchase Skarni's music on iTunes or visit his website.

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