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  • Bryon Harris

Lakotah - 'Hold Me Near'

Lakotah is a billboard charting artist based out of L.A. Her Electronica -Alternative/ /Rock (EDM) sound is amazing and has spread like fire internationally. It is easy to hear why Lakotah is charting. She is a multi-talented artist who writes her own music and lyrics. She also plays most of the instruments on her albums. Lakotah's music has universal appeal and her newest single, "Hold Me Near." Her newest single “ Hold Me Near” was just released in US. -Top-40/AC radio by Howard Rosen Promotions. The song has hit the Billboard 200 chart and is certain to rise. "Hold Me Near" was produced by Sejo Navajas at the Legendary 4th Street Recording Studios Santa Monica CA.

If you haven't heard Lakotah yet, “Hold Me Now” is a great introduction to her talent. The song opens with Lakatoh's vocals against a few chords, "If I had a word for every look, I would write the worlds greatest book." As soon as she sings, you can hear that Lakatoh puts passion and expression in each vocal line. Her voice is warm and inviting with a full range of dynamics and tone expression.

Musically, the song has electronic instrumentation combined with flourishes of electric guitar giving it a rock edge, while still keeping the dance quality of EDM music. The groove is easy to lock into to. The shear quality of the production in “Hold Me Now” is exceptional and worthy of notoriety.

“Hold Me Near” uses interesting arrangements that are hauntingly captivating, making it a song that is sure to get under your skin. As soon as the chorus comes in, you will be hooked. “I am the dream that you wanted. I am the dream that you feared. You are the dream that is haunted. You hold me near.” The chorus is entrancing with Lakotah’s mesmerizing and stunning vocals. Lakotah has many videos on her youtube channel. Check out this video of her song "Soldier's Song."

Lakotah’s newest song “Hold Me Near” is an electronic-rock ballad that is sure to captivate all audiences with it's stellar production and captivating performance. Lakotah has just released her newest full length album, “The Maker,” on BooBoo records. Her music is available on all online music retailers.

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