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  • Bryon Harris

Bongo Boy Records - 'Lets Have A Rockin Christmas'

Just in time for the holiday season, Bongo Boy Records has released 'Lets Have A Rockin Christmas.' This festive album includes 16 spectacular holiday songs and 1 comedy sketch. From fresh new performances of favorite Christmas classics to rockin' and dance holiday party tunes and from beautiful new carols that will take your breath away to an entertaining comedy sketch that will have you laughing, "Let's Have A Rockin' Christmas" is the perfect album to ring in the cheer.

Opening the album, is "Say You Love Me For Christmas" by Les Fradkin. This melodic and cheerful song will put a smile on your face with it's catchy chorus, "Say you love me for Christmas and you'll be my Santa Claus." It's a Christmas tale about a love that is "here to stay" complete with images of Christmas trees, decking the halls and snow falling. "Say You Love Me For Christmas" will warm your heart. The title of this holiday album, "Lets Have A Rockin Christmas" will exceed your expectations with plenty of holiday songs to rock out to. Walter Rossi's "Jingle Jangle" is one hell of a great rockin' Christmas tune. "Jingle Jangle" has smooth vocals, nice harmonies, a great groove with funky bass and slick blues guitar riffs all wrapped up in good production.

The third track, "Frosty The Snowman" by The Forty Nineteens gives an original performance of a classic holiday song that includes a little grunge and garage. Adding just the right amount of distortion, this performance could make any snowman come to life.

Changing it up a bit is Peter Ungers' beautiful 'Christmas Cards". A delicate acoustic guitar and strings set the tone for warm, folk-like vocals and touching lyrics that paint a lovely and meaningful picture of Christmas day. "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. Once a year it comes and it goes to show us what love does when it grows." Ungers' "Christmas Cards" has a sentimental, down-to-earth quality that glows like a fire in Winter.

Another rockin' holiday number is Jackie Kringle & the Elves' classic rock song "Lets Have A Rockin' Christmas." This song has a crunchy guitar based rock groove. It is filled with good cheer and witty lyrics like "Come on Santa now don't be late. I've been good all year - I even lost some weight...come on Santa let the fun begin." With a harmonica solo and an all around fun vibe, "Lets Have A Rockin' Christmas" is perfect for your weekend night holiday party playlist.

Keeping it up tempo, the next track by Wayne Olivieri & DJ Chris ibe, "I Love Christmas Time (Radio Mix)" is an electronic dance tune that will get the clubs and holiday parties hoppin' for the holidays. Layered with melodic riffs over a pulsing beat and choir singing sprinkled throughout "I Love Christmas Time" will have you dancing from the first note to the last with it's contagious love for Christmas and a great beat.

Next up is Bobby Shaw who has two songs and a comedy sketch on the album. "I Wonder Where You Are This Christmas" is a moving song that tells the story of a lost love around the holiday. It is sung with passion and has a great chorus, "I wonder where you are this Christmas. I wonder do you ever think of me?" There's a clever ending to the song's love story which is sure to make you smile.

Dennis Sy's "Christmas Morning" adds some pop/R&B flavor to the mix with a song that is radio-chart-ready. The vocals are warm and smooth with a clear tone and great range. "Christmas Morning" is well-written with a truly lovely vibe and thoughtful lyrics. "Wherever you are this Christmas morning. There is only one prayer I have this time, that you'll be here with me underneath the Christmas tree, a gift of love for you and me."

Deborah Henriksson's performance of "The Angel Gabriel" follows and it is stunning. Set to only classical piano, Deborah has a gorgeous voice. Deborah's interpretation of "The Angel Gabriel" has elements of classical, Celtic and folk. Her rendition of "The Angel Gabriel" is sure to be a favorite.

Rockin' it out on Track 10 is Inches From Sin with "Jingle Jangle Jingle." Can you say that title fast three times? This song opens with smooth spoken words "Merry Christmas Baby and Happy New Year." Sprinkled with some funk and great distorted guitar riffs that echo the melody, a "Jingle Jangle Jingle" has nice rock edge with plenty of soul. The chorus, sung by a female voice, is catchy and fun "Jingle Jangle Jingle, Santas on the way." All in all you can't beat this collection of rockin' Christmas tunes.

And, if your holiday party needs a sexy holiday rap then look no further. STEEL ft. Bubu The Producer's "Have A Gigolo XMAS !" fits the bill. This holiday rap is smooth. STEEL ft Bubu the Producer breaks it down with a strong beat and a mesmerizing flow with lyrics that tell the story of a player who wins over the ladies on Christmas and all year.

Tammi T & Keith Hines Production "Go Wish" exudes the real spirit of Christmas which is described as a state of mind to cherish peace and good will. The song talks about giving thanks for family and friends. You'll be clapping your hands and joining the chorus as this uplifting song celebrates the year behind and the year to come with positivism and happiness. Tammi T has a nice voice with a big range on this song that has a big heart.

Has someone broke your heart this year? It's no problem, just turn up the dial on "Christmas In The Sun." With a fun and upbeat reggae vibe Ysanne ft. ZanZclan "Christmas In The Sun" will have you escaping to the Islands with "blue skies and hot sand." This song starts with a broken heart, but quickly moves on to celebrating "Christmas in the sun with a perfect someone."

Spreading more joy is the song "1,2,3" presented by Cousins STEEL & Cortez. This song opens with children's voices and builds to a fast tempo. The whole family will enjoy jumping and dancing to this joyful song that invites everyone to "Jump! If you love someone."

"It’s Christmas Time" by Sarantos will flood your mind with good old fashioned Christmas memories. There's nice percussion and horns that add a slightly jazzy feel. As you look out your window, at another Christmas, and remember your childhood Christmas stories, "good times are near full of cheer," this song will bring back old memories and create new ones.

Also written by Bobby Shaw is "Don’t Forget The Christ in Christmas." This up-tempo sing-a-long song is sure to be a big hit. The song spells out Christmas one letter at a time, "C is for candles that decorate the windows." The chorus reminds us not to forget the "Christ in Christmas" or "Old Saint Nicky might pass your house by." Bobby Shaw ends the album with a comedy sketch, "Sleigh Ride." As the cast drinks a bit of Brandy (bright spirits), their Sleigh crashes. Trudging through the snow with icicles hanging off their faces, the friends finally get to their car only to find a dead battery. Stuck in a dead car in the dead of the winter, the comedy comes alive with all kinds of hilarious surprises.

Bongo Boy Records 'Lets Have A Rockin Christmas' is available for purchase in physical CD's at the record label by email, on Amazon

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