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  • Bryon Harris

Bongo Boy Records - 'Volume X'

Bongo Boy Records has released Volume X which includes 12 tracks by talented, award-winning artists from around the globe. Volume X covers dance, pop, rock, hip hop and rap. Volume X is perfect for any music connoisseur looking to discover great new songs in multiple genres.

Opening the album is "Sweet Harmony" by EsQuille Feat. Keisha Renee. Keisha Renee enters on the very first note of this high-energy dance track with a voice that is powerful and soulful as she sings the chorus "Sweet Harmony." "Sweet Harmony" was written, produced and engineered by award-winning DJ EsQuille from Sweden and it is clear that EsQuille knows his craft well. After the verse, the song bursts into an all-body encompassing groove preceded by an electronic drum roll sequence; pulsing bass is added to the mix for a track that is nightclub ready.

Up next is "Last Kiss" by Colette Kavanagh, an Irish contemporary-pop singer-songwriter. Colette has toured with Johnny Cash’s guitarist Bob Wootton from Nashville, Tennessee. It is clear why stellar musicians want to work with Colette - she is an extraordinary vocalist and songwriter. In "Last Kiss" the chorus is very melting and memorable, "If this is it. If this is our last kiss. If this is our last time to say I love you. If this is it, know that I have tried. I'loved you all my life." In addition to pulling on your heartstrings with romantic lyrics and beautiful melodic lines, Colette has a tender, sweet voice that is warm and inviting. "Last Kiss" is a song that will stay with you, like the last kiss from an endless love, long after it touches you.

Changing up the pace is Dennis Sy Feat. Natalie Jean and Darick DDS Spears with the song

“Shine On.” This song presents the collaborative effort of three: hip-hop emcee and producer, Darick DDS Spears; jazz-pop singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean; and award-winning pop-rock artist, Dennis Sy. Dennis is a Grammy member, Natalie has made the Grammy ballot twice and Spears had one of his songs nominated for the Global Peace Award in Hip Hop. It is no surprise that this trio shines on "Shine On." They hit this song out of the park - it's a home-run single that could easily top the charts. All three artists excel vocally adding their own expertise in rap, rock and R & B; together they are magic. "Shine on" talks about current issues in our society and asks listeners to get their shine on, "the timing is now for us to change."

Fans of Reggae Pop will embrace the next song, "Shining Through" by ReLoVe.

From Los Angeles, California, Glenn Jost brings us this fantastic music performed by his band ReLoVe featuring male and female vocals, horns, and keys. "Shining Through" has a phenomenal groove that will have you moving, swaying, clapping and singing along. The lyrics are infectious and will put a smile on your face, "Shining through, from me to you, reflections you give me will always be true." With a fully produced sound, a great melody, and smooth vocals, "Shining Through" shines through like the sun; it will warm up your soul and light up your day.

The fifth track "Santa Maria" is performed by Yona Pax from France. It was written by Roger Loubet and Francoise Subsol. "Santa Maria" goes far beyond basic pop-song writing with fully developed orchestration that has layers of musical sophistication. The composition offers hints of classical and Spanish flamenco music which come together beautifully for a very smooth and entrancing groove. Yona's voice is gorgeous as she sings every note with passion; her mezmerizing tone and clear annunciation are of the highest caliber. Fans of contemporary popular and classical music will love Yona's this song and it's heartfelt performance.

Half-way through the album is the beautiful song "Leave The Light On" by Canadian duo, singer-songwriters, Johnny Douglas and Jon Mullane. The song opens with a lulling piano that draws you in. The intimate and self-reflective lyrics tell a story about finding your way back to love. The song builds perfectly to the chorus which is catchy, "A Thousand miles from dark to dawn, leave the light on, leave the light on, I'll find my way to you." The vocals, both in tenor range, are pop-perfect and this song is radio, tv and movie ready.

From the heartland of the U.S., Elmira, New York is the duo "Inches From Sin" ( Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway) with their song "Come Back, Come Back." This song is instantly appealing. It starts with an acoustic mandolin riff, some guitar and keys then builds to a more rockin' chorus. Robert opens the song with "All alone is where I'll stand. All I need is your tiny hand." Karen answers, "Far away is where I'll stay until you mend your wicked ways." This two then sing together in the chorus "until you come back to me." "Come Back, Come Back" is uniquely delightful and memorable.

Another stellar electronic dance tune on Volume X is "Good Vibes" by Maryland, USA artist Steel Feat. Nina Sol. Written by Grammy member Francis E. Anderson, "Good Vibes" mixes electronic dance synth, rap, and soulful smooth R & B for a feel-good, fun party-time track. The song opens with a strong pulse of bass and electronica setting the dance floor with a fun and funky groove. Each verse has a catchy rap that drives the song to the chorus where Nina sings "Good Vibes" with a soulful, R & B flare. The lyrics are about livin' it up on a Friday night; it is the perfect track to kick off your weekend with positive vibes.

Barley Station's "Destiny" is one of my favorite songs on the compilation. From Missouri, USA, Barley Station combines Americana, Pop/Rock, Country, and Folk. Driven primarily by rhythm guitar, giving it a down-to-earth country-rock feel, "Destiny" has solid rock elements including good melodic riffs and tight bass and percussion. The singer-songwriter who fuels the band is it's founder, the award-winning Randy Wayne Belt who has a great voice made for Rockin' Americana. The song is about that moment when you first see someone and they get into your soul, magically and instantly which is the way this song will hit you when you first hear it. "Like Destiny, I fall to my knees. Like Destiny."

From Florida, Pamela Davis is up next with "You Showed Me What Love Can Do." Pamela is a dynamic artist who, in addition to being a singer-songwriter, is also a producer, arranger and musician. Pamela has a distinctive alto-range voice that is smooth and warm. "You Showed Me What Love Can Do" delivers a positive, uplifting song about the transforming gift of love as Pamela sings about the many ways in which love gives you hope, stability and strength. This pop song is fun and catchy and will surely put a smile on your face with it's positive and affirming message.

Track 11 on the compilation is "Hi Beams" by Hip Hop artist Waheed Ahmad. "Hi Beams" is hip hop with a message that is ripe for our times. "Your gonna need a total mind sweep. You've been tricked, led, convinced..." As a rapper, Ahmad is swift, clear, intelligent and insightful. His lyrics speak about the prison of systemic, mind-controlling media and societal norms. Listeners are encouraged to imagine something different, to keep reaching and thinking, "what if I told you that you could travel the create your own landscape, bask in your own heaven or hell." "Hi Beam" shines a light, exposes a real story that needs to be told and offers resilience and hope.

From Dorset, UK, last on the album is "The Golfers Rap" by Ysanne Feat. ZanZclan. "The Golfers Rap" offers witty lyrics about a young man's quest "to get a birdie and score a hole in one." The chorus is fun and catchy, "The Golfers Rap, The Golfers Rap, The Golfers Rap – Just give it a tap.” In the middle of the song, Ysanne enters with seductive vocals, “I’ve been watching you and I think that you are cute. Won’t you let me hold your sticks and show me some of your tricks.” To shake thing up on the music course, the song moves into a rock bridge with some great electric guitar riffs. "The Golfers Rap" scores a hole in one with an infectious melody and sexy, fun metaphors.

To hear more great music from Bongo Boy Records, visit their website.

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