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Sohayla Smith  - 'Bridges'

Canadian, singer-songwriter Sohayla Smith, along with her performance band-mates, the Smith Brothers (Adrian and Nathan), released a new single titled “Bridges” that is a spectacular introduction to this incredibly talented singer and her band. As a matter of introduction, Sohayla Smith and the Smith Brothers opened the Collingwood Arts & Culture Awards, playing live for thousands and placed in the same events L & O (Live and Original) Songwriter Showdown. The group has been in radio rotation, both locally and internationally, and boasts an extensive song catalog of radio-ready singles for release. Fans of Americana and folk will definitely love Sohayla's newest single, "Bridges."

Photo by Steve & Kelsey Noseworthy of Mad River Photography

The song opens up with a pure display of talent. One of the first motifs heard is a harmonica solo played by Adrian and it gives the track an instant Americana and down-to-earth feel. This motif is accompanied by what is called a "train-track" rhythm which keeps the song driving along from beginning to end; it is absolutely the perfect rhythm choice for a song about bridges. After sixteen beats, something amazing happens - Sohayla starts singing. Her voice is clear, warm, sweet and inviting. "Sometimes bridges get washed away in the flood. It seems you can't go backwards even if you want. They say there's always a reason, a season for every turn, but who are they anyway and why is it their concern."

The melody is instantly catchy. The lyrics are simple, yet sophisticated and elegant. Sohayla paints her messages with metaphors using nature. "Some days tall trees bend at the mercy of the wind. Seems they're almost prayin.' Gettin' down on both limbs." The song talks about times when all the pieces don't fit quite right, when you turn up just a little short on your luck, and even if you want to turn around, the only direction you can really go is forwards. This message is universally appealing.

Check out this wonderful video performance of "Bridges."

Mid-way through the song "Bridges" there is a very tasteful guitar solo that plays off the main melody of the song. The guitar solo is played in the lower-range of the guitar with a nice warm tone giving it a full bass-like sound. Throughout the song, the Smith brothers present tight musicianship and the song has great production and mix.

Sohayla Smith along with the Smith brothers are a delightful find in the Americana arena offering memorable, poetic folk songs that deeply resonate with beautiful and lovely vocals, tight musicianship and an overall inviting sound that is down-to-earth and moving.

Sohayla Smith and the Smith Brothers are currently in the studio completing more singles for radio, streaming and digital distribution in the upcoming year. They are planning a few new music videos as well as an Ontario tour. Other singles are also available including "All I Can Do" which is on itunes, amazon and other major digital retailers worldwide. As a special treat, there is a free download of the song "One Sweet Thing" on Reverbnation! You can also visit Sohayla Smith's website.

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