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  • Bryon Harris

Michaël Resin - 'Praying For A Miracle'

Following the heels of a successful run of hit singles, Swiss artist Michaël Resin has released his anticipated, full- length Electronic Dance Music (EDM)/Pop album, ‘Praying for a Miracle.’ This has been a stellar year for Resin and, judging by the quality of his new release, it is just the beginning of a successful run for this gifted artist. ‘Praying for a Miracle’ is making its way to Asia: the release will be available in Greater China, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries through Bongo Boy Records as well as stateside via cdbaby Worldwide distributors.

‘Praying for a Miracle’ opens with the song “World is Mine.” It starts with a heavy, deep foundation of synthesized bass in a sixteenth note pattern. A simple motif in the upper range hovers on top. The bass sounds like it is chasing you, coming for you. Resin enters with a clear, precise tone. “I run here. You run there. Nothing’s clear.” Later he says, “I walk in. You run out.” The verses are delivered in a pointed statement-like fashion which is very effective for this piece. This song talks about the breakdown of a relationship where every move seems polar opposite. A female voice blends perfectly with Resins' adding color to the chorus.

“Viscious Minds” follows with a more subdued and introspective vibe. The song is about being deceived and lied to. It is a mid-tempo ballad that does well to showcase Resin’s ability to sing with passion and emotion which can be heard in the subtle nuances of his vocal delivery. Another ballad on the album is “Nothing is Forever.” It’s a gorgeous song. The track has an arpeggio pattern that lays the foundation for Resin’s full vocal expression. Throughout the song, Resin switches from speaking to singing. Towards the end, there is a fantastic change-up into a staccato groove. Resin is clearly a polished composer who can easily move in and out of sophisticated musical changes offering impressive unpredictability and surprise.

A stand-out track on the album, and one of my favorites, is “Gates of Hell.” It commences with a funky groove that draws you in. It is easy to dance to. The chorus is extremely catchy, giving it universal appeal, showcasing Resin’s strong pop-music sensibilities and ability to appeal to mass audiences. “Play that song again. Play that song for me. Play that song again. The one that sets me free. Play it once in hell.” “New Romance” is up next with fantastic, cinematic synth effects. Resin’s voice sings, laughs, talks and taunts through multiple effects and a heavy layering of electronica that sounds eerie, mysterious and intriguing.

Breaking for a moment, check out the short film of Falling feat. Benjamin Karmer directed by Resin. The film is as moving, elegant and beautiful as the music, confirming that Resin is a world-class multi-talented artist. "Falling feat. Benjamin Karmer" was televised in New York City prior to gaining heavy rotation across the country on 54 TV channels.

Resin ends the album with a return to “Vicious Minds Project Acoustic.” The acoustic version gives you a front row seat to the basic beauty of this song: the piano composition, crying cello lines, and full choral harmonies. I would be hard pressed to name another EDM/Pop album that has this level of composition, pop sensibility and passion; Resin has written hit after hit that will capture fans worldwide. Michaël Resin doesn’t need to pray for a miracle – his music is the miracle. The album can be purchased on Cdbaby.

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