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  • Bryon Harris

Kanuna - 'Holding Up This Skin'

Knruna is an alternative rock band hailing from Liverpool. The quintet is composed of Rosa Jane (vocals), Lloyd Jones (guitar), Leo Watkins (guitar), Oliver Brown (bass/vocals) and Ed Cuss (drums). Karuna has received rave reviews in UK and European blogs and is in regular rotation on national radio. From gorgeous and entrancing vocals to hard rocking musicianship and some wicked drum fills, Karuna’s music is sure to keep you engaged from start to finish. Their single “Holding Up This Skin” showcases the bands outstanding musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Karuna's new single “Holding Up This Skin” starts off with a lulling guitar melody followed by beautiful and haunting vocalizes from Rosa. Rosa’s voice has a pure tone with a shimmering quality, leaving you with goosebumps. You can hear longing in her voice. The verse starts with just guitar and vocals. The music starts to build with the addition of bass and layered guitar parts. Vocal harmonies in the mix make for a nice blend. At the end of the verse the full band breaks in bringing a new energy into the song. The songs moves into a rock quality. Instrumentally, “Holding Up This Skin” is well-arranged with interesting rhythms and all- around solid musicianship from the band. The song composition has elements of surprise and unpredictability which fans of alternative rock will love. The writing and musicianship combined with the talented vocals of Rosa makes for a sensational song.

Lryically, "Holding Up This Skin" is both reflective and poetic like a page out of a diary. "And does it hurt sometimes when you're alone at night? I walk on past thee dreams that we knew and tell me that it's just another part of it all. I'm missing everything that I've ever known and a piece of you will always be my home." The vocals are delivered with passion and emotion on every note. Singer Rosa Jane explains the essence of the song, “it is about turning your back on the negative aspects of life that we all experience and saying: ‘no, I don’t need you’ and finding the resolve to try to carry on leading the life that you want.” There is a wonderful bridge section where the lyrics reaffirm this message, "I don't need you. I don't need you...." The bridge is followed by a stop and go instrumental section, short moments of silence, indicating the ability to push forward, and then the energy, as if saying you can make it, drives you all the way to the end of the song.

Karuna’s single “Holding Up This Skin” is a fantastic track sure to become a part of your music library. With stunning vocals, a tight band, poetic and easy-to-relate-to lyrics as well as a clear passion for their craft, Karuna is a band to watch for. Next up, Karuna is working on new music as well as playing festivals. Their song "Holding Up This Skin" is available on bandcamp.

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