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Jon Pattie - '3 2 1'

Jon Pattie is an indie-pop/rock singer-songwriter and guitarist who has released his debut EP' 3 2 1.' Jon has been playing music since the age of 13 and his influences include artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Bon Iver and City and Colour. Currently a pre-med student, Jon’s music embodies great song-writing composition with very strong hooks.

The first song on the EP is “Stranded in the Ocean.” It opens with a gentle guitar riff and light swelling drums that sound like waves coming in. Already, you can hear that Jon succeeds in producing orchestral landscapes that enhance the song and never distract from it. Jon sings the first verse with a clear tone and confidence. The verse is followed by a very fine melodic guitar solo. At this point, the song builds to its hook, “You left me stranded in the ocean. Holding onto hopes as currents drag me down. You left me stranded in the ocean. Searching for the coast, but nowhere to be found.” The chorus is as catchy as a wave crashing in and Jon adds great harmonies and some falsetto moments that complement the songs pop-vibe. You’ll be singing along and swaying to this memorable song.

The next song up is the ballad “Home.” Like the first song, “Home” has a wonderful introduction that immediately draws you in. It opens with a beautiful and moving piano part and some single placed strums on the guitar. Jon’s vocals are emotive, filled with passion, as he talks about memories floating through his mind. “Just hope for a better place. Just hope for a better time. If you’re lost and alone with everywhere to roam. Just follow my voice and I’ll take you home.” There are more tasteful and smooth melodic guitar solos to enjoy and a well-produced instrumental landscape. Once again, the chorus is sticks with you displaying Jon's talent for writing a good hook. This beautiful ballad has a both a personal and spiritual feel to it that is very moving. Jon is truly at "home" singing this song as his vocals reveal he is very capable of tenderness and a wide range of emotion.

“Tied Up In Sheets” is the final cut on the EP. The instrumental soundtrack is perfect. Opening up with Jon’s signature acoustic guitar work (which is stellar) the song begins with indie-pop appeal. “Is this a connection or is it just me?” The lyrics, as in the two previous songs, are well-written and easy-to-relate to which gives Jon’s music mass appeal. The chorus comes in strong, “Do we wear these masks out of fear of love. Do we keep our hearts in our palms? Is it love? Is it love? There a well-written bridge section and the song ends with interesting variations on the chorus as Jon answers the question –"Yes, it is love."

Fans of indie-pop will love Jon Pattie’s new EP '3 2 1' because every song on this EP delivers the right ingredients: strong, catchy choruses, easy-to-relate to, well-written lyrics, tasteful solos and rich orchestral production while Jon delivers a clear vocal tone with passion and range. I couldn't pick a favorite song off of '3 2 1' because each song had an introduction I loved and a chorus that stayed with me. Up next Jon is releasing a new cover video of 'Unsteady' by X Ambassadors that I worked on with the singer of a band. Jon’s EP '3 2 1' can be found on all major music outlets. To learn more about Jon Pattie, visit his website.

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