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  • Bryon Harris

Bongo Boy TV S5: EP1095 Music Video Television - 'Fall All Over It'

Bongo Boy TV Music Video Television has released Season 5 EP1095 ‘Fall All Over It.’ Get ready for a fun and fantastic show filled with songs and videos from selected artists around the world in all your favorite categories like punk, pop, rock, rap, jazz and more. It's a television extravaganza for the ears and eyes that even includes a front seat viewing of some of the amazing artists on the 59th Grammy Award ballot.

Valient Thor opens the show with their song “Looking Glass.” Directed by Jethro Waters, this video is a blast. The band starts off in their signature van driving through a small town. A mysterious painting is carried from scene to scene with the eerie sense that someone (or something) wants to snatch it. As the band peers out at you from different windows…look very closely and you will see images of aliens and spaceships. Musically, the punk guitar chords cut like glass on the quarter with hard hitting drums, a nice thick bass line and electric guitar riffs and solos that have attitude. The chorus is sung by the entire band and it's catchy as hell, “Mirror, Mirror do you see? Who’s that looking back at me?” The video is an out-of-this-world ride through a a looking glass that reveals many clever visual and musical surprises.

Next up from San Francisco is Grammy member Katie Garibaldi with "Delightful." Katie got the title right because this song and its video are a pure delight from beginning to end. The video, directed by Anna Haas, opens through a soft filter with its eye on an unfinished glass of red wine, a photograph of young lovers, and the beautiful Katie Garibaldi resting on white linens as she opens her eyes and sings, “How did I get here?” The video takes us on a journey of self-discovery, at the end of a relationship, as Katie reconnects with everything delightful in her world: books, paintings, dressing up, putting on makeup, a good cup of coffee, chocolate, friendship and flowers. Everyone who has lost themselves in a relationship and bounced back to find themselves again will love this track. With acoustic guitar as the background for Katie’s gorgeous voice, this song and it’s video are chart toppers.

From New York, the two brothers who go by the name Conceptz introduce their latest self-directed video "Backwards.” The video is an up-close performance by the duo who are reaching out from a city roof top to share their story about making it in the music industry. Learning from mistakes and trying to define their strategy for success, the duo raps “We gotta a strategy. Now we gotta make it work. Five years running the wrong way. It’s backwards.” Their rap is smooth, never forced, "old-school flow with a crisp modern style." What will draw you in is the song's bold and honest conversation. They are telling it like it is. Conceptz is beyond talented and this duo is only going in one direction –forward.

The fourth video is Colette Kavanagh from Ireland with “Last Kiss,” directed by Shane Serrano. This cinematic presentation was shot in the same forest as Lord of the Rings. It is visually stunning with green mountains, pools of water, ancient ruins and expansive skies. Colette is dressed in a black hooded medieval style robe as she walks the forest paths towards an old grave yard. The chorus is emotional and catchy, “ If this is it. If this is our last kiss. If this is our last time to say I love you. Know that I have tried. I loved you all my life.” Colette sings with tenderness and her voice is lovely. This music video defines what romance is all about - a love that never dies - complete with a fallen rose and song that will live on.

From Dorset, UK Ysanne ft. ZanZclan scores a hole in one with The Golfers Rap. Directed by Ysanne, The Golfers Rap is pure fun with an intro that features a young man dosing off while professional golfers tell him to go for it; and that’s where his fantasy begins. The ZanZclan enters with a catchy chorus, "Golfers Rap, The Golfers Rap, The Golfers Rap – Just give it a tap.” The video is about “scoring” and you will be thoroughly entertained with the clan playing air guitars on golf clubs and sexy women driving golf carts. Mid-way, Ysanne enters in the face of a golf ball. She sexily sings, “I’ve been watching you and I think that you are cute. Won’t you let me hold your stick and show me some of your tricks.” It’s all in good fun with a party of metaphors and music that will score points with mature audiences.

From Philadelphia, PA, Spoken Life’s latest music video "Reality" directed by Gil Griffin and Monique Grimme is my favorite kind of music video presentation as the camera offers two angles: the story's characters (young lovers) and the artist’s performance. Spoken Life sings with clarity and passion while playing an acoustic guitar to the background of a fully produced track. The video shows a couple walking through a meadow on a sun filled day enjoying life to the fullest. The lyrics are about struggling to find the answers, learning from the past and making the most of the present. “These are the days and the times in which we had. Never thought that we’d get them back. And now it’s all up to us in the things we do. This is our relatioy. Starring me and you.”

Bongo Boy’s show ends with a showcase of artists on the 59th Grammy® Award Ballot. It's like being back-stage at the Grammy's and getting your own private viewing! In the Best World Music and Craft category, the impressive, award winning masterpiece by Indus Raag-2, the ‘Karachi Concerts’ offers a complete experience featuring 65 artists from all over the world who contribute to 30 live studio sessions, 6 audio CD’s, a DVD and a booklet, encompassing over 10 hours of mesmerizing Pakistani and Indian classical, folk and world fusion.

For Best Jazz Instrumental, the next video features jazz vocalist, saxophonist and composer Suzanne Grzanna. Some gems on Suzanne's album “Daybreak” include Fever, It Had to be You, and Almost Like Being in Love. Suzanne is a 2016 Best Jazz Artist and Best Jazz Video Indie Music Channel Award winner as well as a Silver Medal Award winner for Outstanding Achievement in the Global Music Awards. She is also up for Best Christian Gospel with “Wedding Day” proving there is no limit to her diverse talents. When fans hear clips from Wedding Day, it will surely be on everyone's wedding list.

Best Children Pianist and composer Matthew Mayer is next with his album ‘Art.’ Art is a collection of bedtime stories featuring traditional favorites like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and as well as original compositions. Every kid and their parents will fall in love with this album’s beautiful music. Mayer can take a song like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and make it sound like the most gorgeous sonata you ever heard. Another contemporary concert pianist and composer, Lynn Yew Evers, is also on this year's ballot for consideration for her piece "Finding You." "Finding You" is from the album Elysian which is a musical journey from Malaysia to America that features piano, violin, cello, flute, recorder, oboe, guitar, and bass. Lynn Yew Evers' music is deeply personal and passionate. The last entry on the ballot is Don Grzanna with his album, ‘Paris Connection. Grzanna's album takes you on a romantic stroll through streets of Paris with French tangos, waltzes, polkas and more and best of all, it's played on an accordion giving this music a truly authentic vibe.

This Bongo Boy TV episode premiered on November 6th on National Television and will be in rotation until November 17, 2016. Don't miss it. Watch the show live.

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