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  • Bryon Harris

DateMonthYear - 'Spit Out The Sun'

Based out of Hamilton, New Zealand, DateMonthYear says they are not a band per say, but a way of making music that encourages originality. This way of making music is a unique experience that will resonate with song-writers everywhere. Instead of relying on a committed band for every song, DateMonthYear’s structure is open to new talent on each project. DateMonthYear offers rock sensibility and indie-pop melodies to create songs you won't soon forget.

The constant force behind DateMonthYear is the song-writing. The fluidity of the line-up of musicians ensures an expansive slate of musical ideas. With musicians that make the mark and a plethora of great songs, DateMonthYear has found a way to create really good music that resonates and satisfies. The force behind DateMonthYear, song-writer Michael Miller, commissioned a number of performers to produce covers of his work. 'Spit Out the Sun' is DateMonthYear’s first recording to feature the latest line-up of Emma Koretz, Brooke Baker, Tyler Leet and Trevor Faville.

Their latest memorable single, “Spit Out The Sun,” is a great introduction to DateMonthYear and most certainly showcases the song-writing genius of Michael Miller.

“Spit Out The Sun” is a moving, up-tempo song that features melodies and music that grab you from the start. You will find elements of rock, pop and even folk in this well-crafted song. As the song begins, we are introduced to drums, guitars and bass in an energetic, tight and fun arrangement that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

During the verses, the vocals come through, clear like crystal, while displaying a pure and warm tone that fits perfectly with the beautiful simplicity of the song. Without a doubt, her voice was the right choice for this song. The addition of harmonies to ramp up the chorus, “Spit Out The Sun” leaves a very positive and lasting impression that will make you play it over and over again. With the combination of a great arrangement, musicianship, and wonderfully done vocals, there is no wonder why this song is so addictive. And there is no ignoring the lyrical intelligence that defines Michael Miller. The chorus tugs at you with lines like, “Turn off the stars and spit out the sun.”

DateMonthYear has the talent to create great arrangements and performs a wonderful song from beginning to end; every moment shines through. "Spit Out The Sun” is a fantastic example of how thinking outside the box to create music can yield great results. DateMonthYear’s music has been featured on cable television networks such as the History and Discovery channels and up next on their radar, this song-writing experience will be releasing a new video of their song “Numbers.” DateMonthYear’s music can be discovered and purchased on bandcamp.

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