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  • Bryon Harris

Matt Tiller - 'Flat Packing Anger Management'

London based Matt Tiller is a television comedy writer and producer and a musical comedian. Tiller is most know for developing the BBC sitcom Hebburn and for producing Lunch Monkeys for BBC Three. He has worked on several Comedy Labs for Channel Four and has been commissioned to write scripts for Comedy Central.

As a musical comedian, Matt blends subtle one-liners with witty observation and good songwriting. His music has garnished critical acclaim and won over audiences in clubs and festivals nationwide including the Edinburgh Fringe. His song “Flat Packing Anger Management” is a great way to introduce his comedic style of music.

“Flat Packing Anger Management” is for anyone who has ever spent the weekend helping

their significant other build something ( like a bed-frame) that came flat in a box with a list of complicated instructions (put peg into slot A) and small tools ( an Allen key). Featuring both male and female vocals, this duo ( Matt Tiller and Diana Vickers) manages to keep deadpan expressions while they sing about the aggravating pitfalls of do-it-yourself furniture. Conveying stereotypical couple dynamics with lines like, Diana: Grab your tool and let’s make this bed. Forever we can rest our weary heads. Matt: And sometimes we’ll have sex,” this song is extremely entertaining. "Section A to Section C this isn't how I dreampt my life would be." Matt Tiller is has a subtle style that will please those who appreciate sophisticated wit. This is not slap-stick, crude, or roar-out-loud comedy, it is comedy that gently pokes fun at the mundane and trivial parts of our day to day lives.

Musically, "Flat Packing Anger Management' starts off with four bars of kick drum and rim shots ( almost sounds like building) until the full instrumentation comes in with guitar, bass and a descending bell line. The sound is indie-pop-rock with a feel good vibe. It is simple, yet well done with a good, solid mix and professional sound. Both vocalists blend together extremely well, creating a lulling tone any ears can enjoy.

Check out the video of "Flat Packing Anger Management."

Open up the song “Flat Packing Anger Management” and you will find: an easy to listen to song with lovely voices and great musical production, a container full of funny commentary that is bound to have you giggling long after you hear it and a truly feel good vibe that will lighten up your day.

Matt will be doing a series of different performances throughout November in London so make sure to check out his website as you don't want to miss this fun performance. "Flat Packing Anger Management' and other songs by Matt Tiller are available for purchase on all major music platforms.

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