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  • Bryon Harris

Highway 4 - 'Matter of Time'

Highway 4 is a modern classic rock band out of Pittsburgh. Highway 4 formed in 2010 with members Kelly Brown (Vocals), Mike Angert (Guitar) and Tylar Parker (Bass). Their current lineup includes drummer, Reid Campbell. The band has released their highly anticipated EP 'Matter of Time' aftert two years on the road playing over 300 shows. During this time period, the band was able to hone their skills and further define their purpose which is to offer fans memorable songs to related to today and tomorrow - Highway 4 doesn't want to be a flash in the pan and with their new EP 'Matter of Time' they confirm their staying power.

​Highway 4 starts of their EP with the “Good.” The song begins with a jamming electric guitar riff, some steady drums and a nice bass line to follow the guitar. As this continues, we are introduced to the vocals which come in nice and clear, showing off Kelly's solid tonality. “Good” has a kind of rocking groove to it that pulls you in right from the start. During the chorus, the band really jams out. With great vocal flourishes and a tight performance from the band. The lyrics will make you smile, "I can't be what you want me to be.... My Darlin' can't you see - I'm good." The song is well constructed with a great build to the chorus.

Next on the EP is “Make Up Your Mind” and if you haven't "made up your mind" about Highway 4, this song si sure to seal the deal. This song starts off a bit softer, showing off some tasteful guitar skills with a melodic guitar riff leading into the first verse. The verses give off that classic rock fee, which combines perfectly with the rock edge in Kelly's vocals. Kelly has excellent diction making the story easy to follow. The chorus shines, “Girl, you got make up your mind.” There is no doubt that this song will be a crowd favorite. Next on the track list is “Tonight.” “Tonight” is a high energy song that provides a nice change up for the EP. This song is one of my favorites and the bands performance stands out. With epic drum fills by studio drummer Jordan Gibson (Campbell joined the band later),polished guitar solos, and a bass that holds the groove down, this song will most definitely get your head banging and blood pumping. Once again, Kelly delivers a passionate performance with soaring vocals that never get lost in the wall of sound that band creates for her.

Bringing this EP to an end is the track “Great Game” and this song has just that - game. Kicking off hard with a series of layered guitars and solid timing from the drums, “Great Game” has an amazing intro that truly grooves before the whole band drops in completing the foundation. The verses have high energy, which is only pumped up more by the attitude and personality in the vocals. There is no ignoring the amazing guitar performance in this song. At about two minutes into the song, the band breaks it down for us with an amazing instrumental section before bringing us back in to the groove of the song. "Oh don't you worry...Don't you worry you're safe in my hands," Kelly 's voice is confident and convincing. The EP ends with a stellar jam, wailing lead guitar solos and driving bass and drums that are tight and energetic.

'Matter of Time' features four great rock songs that return to the days when performance was king. Highway 4 sounds like a stadium rock band delivering powerful vocals, tight musicianship, songs that are dripping with good lyrics and strong hooks, and the ability to jam it out with crying lead guitars and a bassist and drummer who know how to drive it home. Highway 4 oozes of an earlier day when not only could bands deliver hook-laden songs, they could also jam the hell out a song. For more information on Highway 4, visit their website.

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