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  • Bryon Harris

Regalamia - 'The Dark Age'

Regalamia is a one of a kind artist boasting a wide range of influences from different genres of music. With hints of rock, jazz, and even classical, Mia’s originality stands out in a market flooded with cookie-cutter singer-songwriters. Reglamia brings a new musical experience to the market with her debut album 'The Dark Age' which features a variety of songs that are sure to impress.

Regalamia starts off her debut album with “Never Wake Me Up.” The song begins with a

solo piano line, giving a brief introduction before Regalamia comes in. Starting off with a softer variation of the hook, Reglalamia gives you a taste of her unique sound. The song is about inner pain and turmoil that extends from an individual to a community. Backed by an intense instrumental, Regalamia supports a wonderful tone while maintaining a powerful, controlled voice. “Never Wake Me Up” is a testimony to how high Regalamia sets the bar for her music.

“The Dark Age” is one of Regalamia's newest singles and shares its title with the album. This rocking song is a great example of Reglamia’s versatility as an artist. This haunting song begins with an eerie piano line that is reminiscent of Beethoven accompanied by Mia’s stunning vocals. The duet between Regalamia and the piano goes on until she breaks into a rocking flurry with wailing distorted guitars and beating drums. She sings about how we are all a little evil sometimes. “The Dark Age” combines a multitude of different influences from rock, jazz and classical music to form a killer experience that is exhilarating. Check out Regalmia's artistic video of "The Dark Age" below:

Regalamia knows how to create intrigue and she will surprise you from one song to the next. The next song off the album that really caught my ear is “Tell the Truth.” This song starts with a short piano intro accompanied by some “La la’s” which hit you in an almost chilling way. Regalamia is an emotive performer capable of communicating an extremely wide range of feeling. The verse bounces along with the piano in a rhythmic dance before slowing down and breaking into the chorus with the addition of electric guitar and drums. “Tell the Truth” captivates with its stunning composition making it one of the most memorable tracks off the debut album.

Closing the album is Regalamia’s song “Mr Rapper.” In this song Regalamia takes her established style and adds a twist. She takes a similar approach to the instrumental part and lays down a hip-hop drum beat. During the chorus we get that classic Regalamia sound: powerful, controlled vocals with a nice big sound coming from her backing instruments. In the verses Regalamia switches up her style with some rapping, showing the wide variety of styles and genres her music can overlap with. Mia is great at observing the world around her and social issues in society. In Mr. Rapper, Mia addresses rappers as role models.

Reglamia’s debut album 'The Dark Age' is a musical experience loaded with a variety of different influences and styles of music. Regalamia plans on touring for the new album, but instead of booking venues she will be doing a series of house tours. She will be playing for a few larger venues in California however, Mia wants to focus on intimate settings where her listeners can get the most out of her music. To purchase Mia’s music or for any more information, visit her website.

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