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  • Bryon Harris

Everpresent - 'In My Veins (October Mix)'

Hot off the press, from Tabletop Records, Everpresent (Matthew Cahoon) has just released his anticipated new single “In My Veins.” Everpresent is a vocalist, keyboardist and percussionist who composes electronica fused with pop, rock and R & B. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, he has won six Akademia Awards and has been featured on, Spike, and OKTV in Germany sharing his music with millions. Everpresent has also enjoyed steady rotation on international radio, in nine countries, and on college radio in the U.S. and Canada. With a significant social media following, and a fan-base that just keeps growing, Everpresent’s new song “In My Veins” is sure to keep the momentum going - Everpresent is headed for the big league.

“In My Veins” opens with a short percussive motif establishing a rhythmic groove that will immediately get you on the dance floor. Without warning, the groove explodes into a full wave of sound with distorted electric guitar, synth and drums. Cahoon enters with a whisper, “Check me. Come on.” The introduction is alluring. Cahoon starts the verse, “You want to give to me. Be in my veins. You say you’re about to be in these chains.“ This is a song about surrender. It is about not being able to get enough of your lover. And if anyone can induce surrender – it’s Matthew Cahoon.

Cahoon’s vocal ability has enormous cross-over appeal; his tenor range could chart in any genre with a tonal quality that is clear, articulate, smooth and appealing. His emotional range is powerful and convincing. He delivers every note with the attitude, charisma, and confidence that only comes from the kind of extensive touring and performance experience that Cahoon has under his belt. He has toured forty states in less than three months and it shows. He's a polished diamond that shines through the mix.

After Cahoon sings the first verse, indie newcomer Katelyn Isaacson is introduced as the song moves into a duet. Isaacson’s voice enters, departing from the rhythmic groove, with longer held half notes and harmonies on the chorus “In my veins. In my veins.” Her voice perfectly complements Cahoon‘s with a hint of smooth R & B that cuts through the wall of sound like butter. In addition to the amazing vocal talent on this track, the electronica is fused with stellar instrumental performances. The electric guitar rips through with large bites of distortion that create angular thrusts and movements and mid-way a virtuoso electronic drum solo will take you from dancing to jumping off the floor.

Check out this performance of “In My Veins” on Soundcloud.

Everpresent will seduce you, move you, groove you, and take you to an entirely new level of electronic-pop ecstasy with his awe-inspiring new single “In My Veins.” For more information, visit Everpresent's website. You can purchase "In My Veins" on iTunes, Groove, and Amazon.

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