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  • Bryon Harris

Jordan Green - 'Needle In A Haystack'

Jordan Green is an 18-year old country singer-songwriter and musician who is making a worldwide splash. He has received steady radio rotation on stations across the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Four of his singles have appeared on the Nashville indie charts with two singles reaching #1 and he is a Paramount Song Summer Songwriting Award winner. His newest album, ‘Needle In A Haystack' was released on Bongo Boy Records.

Diving in, the album opens with “It’s a Start” and what a start it is! Stellar production

quality, pro-level musicians and self-assured tenor-range vocals open the door and invite us in. The first thought that comes to's hard to believe that Jordan Green is only 18 years old. The songwriting sounds seasoned and chart-ready with a catchy chorus that is instantly appealing and memorable.

The next tune confirms our positive first impression. “One Way” delivers an up-tempo foot-tapper with a bluegrass feel that has impressive fiddle and mandolin conversations throughout. The lyrics to the song speak of a personal journey, of a life running out of luck, of hitting the road in an old Siverado and never looking in the rear view mirror, “New York City, neon lights, Alabama, quiet nights, Southern California heat, Kansas rolling fields of wheat, Don’t know where I’m going, And it’s too hard to say, All I know is this trip is one way.” Jordan sings like he’s been hitting the road his whole life with vocals that rise above the polished band and lyrics that are universal. And if that isn't enough to impress you, he can sing while he masterfully plays the bass (not an easy task). Check out the video below.

With an old school pop-feel “Can’t Do This Anymore” has a fifties flavor complete with sha-la-la’s that makes it instantly fun and lovable. The song “Burglar Alarm” is equally charming. “Budge” offers a change of pace with a piano intro that is pop in an Elton John way. The lyrics to this song show that Jordan has a great sense of humor that’s easy to relate to, “There are battles you must pick. Whoever said that doesn’t know your head is like a brick.” Like many good country tunes, Jordan keeps it real and down-to-earth.

The title track of this album ‘Needle In A Haystack’ rocks it out country style with a nice boogie-bass line, gliding piano rolls, fiddle, some wailing guitars and a drumbeat that gets you out of your seat. The chorus is a wonderful ode to the puzzle of love, “It’s like findin’ a needle in a haystack baby.” How true and insightful. Ending out the album, “Take A Ride” offers a serving of good country grit. The vocal harmonies make this song shine. Like many of the songs on ‘Needle in a Haystack’ there is cross-over appeal. Fans of country will love Jordan's vocal delivery, the lyrics and back-beat ride; fans of pop will love the melody and catchy chorus; and rockers will knod "hell yes” to the ripping guitar leads. The last song “Point and Shoot” ends the album with a country-blues and bluegrass tinged number that is dripping with optimism as Jordan sings “Saddle up and make life bigger.”

‘Needle In A Haystack” exudes an energy about grabbing onto everything that works in life and letting the rest go. It’s about taking the ride all the way and not worrying about where you've been or where you land, but enjoying the ride itself. It's about never settling for less. ‘Needle In A Haystack’ is sophisticated material from a young country artist, Jordan Green, who seems ahead of his time with ten songs that display the musicianship, the songwriting, and the vocal interpretation of an artist who has already been on the ride and has arrived knowing what good country music is all about. You can purchase Jordan Green's music at cdbaby; In Russia.

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