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  • Bryon Harris

Harmless Habit - 'Underclass'

Harmless Habit is an alternative rock band that you do not want to miss. Drawing influences from classic rock bands and contemporary alt punk rock bands (Ozzy Osbourne, ACDC, Guns n Roses, Black Sabbath, Queen My Chemical Romance and Green Day), Harmless Habit delivers a sound that is undeniably and uniquely their own; Harmless Habit delivers it all: tight musicianship, hard hitting drums and bass that know how to add a punk groove that will keep you on your feet, lyrics with meaning, guitar greatness galore (guitar fans take note), and a vocalist that has range, expression, and power.

The first track off of 'Underclass' is “First Class Tragedy.” Jumping right into the action, this song begins with guitar and vocals. From the start, it is clear that this band has a strong sense of melody. Lead singer Joey Vece is exceptionally talented. He knows exactly when to add more edge to his voice and when to give the music more punch; in addition he nails the more melodic parts with ease. This rocking song will get your blood pumping with its groovy guitar licks, fat bass, hard hitting drums and beautifully melodic chorus. “First Class Tragedy” is first-class, featuring excellent songwriting, great musicianship, and a kick-ass chorus. It is the perfect introduction to'Underclass.'

The next track on the EP is “Going Under.” Lined with political undertones, “Going Under” is a phenomenal display of what good rock is all about; it's got message, meaning, musicianship and man is it good. Not only does Harmless Habit show that they have the ability to shred, but the song also shows that the band can implement meaning and value into their songwriting. “Going Under” is a testimony to the authenticity of Harmless Habit’s music and it is a personal favorite.

Third on the track list is “Traffic.” It is one of Harmless Habit’s heavier songs, beginning with an intro featuring some nice wailing guitar. Joey Vece shows off his grungier vocal side highlighting his versatility as a singer. “Traffic” is full of raw attitude, driving listeners to the the end with heavy energy, moments of stop and go, and great guitar leads. "Traffic" is paired nicely with the next track on the EP “Swing.” The opening of "Swing" is fantastic with a riff that mixes groove with hard rock. "Swing your best because when I go down, I come right back again." The ending is a head grinding melt-down with the entire band in synch with the vocals giving it their all in full rock glory.

The last feature of the EP is the song “Underclass.” This high energy song is a perfect end to an EP that is superb. Starting off with a solid intro with some fiery guitar licks and a steady slamming beat from drummer Rinn Rucker, this song provides a nice change of pace. From sweet guitar solos, to sections with vocal layering and chants, “Underclass” was a great way to tie together this EP.

Needless to say, Harmless Habit delivered a wonderful EP, 'Underclass'. Harmless Habit will be releasing a new single, performing at “Locals Live” contest at the Mohegan Sun in CT, and touring in the spring/summer of 2017. Harmless Habit’s music is available on all major music platforms.

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