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  • Bryon Harris

Cubbage - 'Here and Now'

Cubbage, a multi-talented folk/pop singer-songwriter, has released his newest EP 'Here and Now'. Cubbage has paid his dues and it shows. Before college, Cubbage wrote and performed with an alternative rock duo, then as a student at Ithica College School of Music, he immersed himself in sound recording technolog; he later toured the country in a van from New Orleans to Seattle, writing a new song each week, from off-the-beaten path locations. His ability to experience the world around him, his hard-work ethic, music training, talent, and passion have landed him - here and now - in a very sweet spot.

Cubbage’s music expresses the importance of living for and in the moment. The first song “False Alarm” shows that Cubbage can deliver a message via both his lyrics and deep expression, a testimony his craft. Starting with piano chords backed by ambient audio effects, “False Alarm” is simple yet entrancing. Cubbage has a warm and passionate voice. The production on this track is soothing and clean, making it extremely easy on the ears. “False Alarm” showcases both Cubbage’s stellar voice and the musicianship that supports it. The chorus is uplifting, "It's so wrong, to hold on. Don't last, too long."

Cubbage is an extremely versatile artist, proven by the next two tracks on the EP. The second song titled “Disappear” begins with outstanding vocal harmonies, further demonstrating that Cubbage has a good vocal toolbox. This song leans towards a more pop style production and has definite universal appeal, yet retains Cubbage's trademark originality. It also has a nice groove and a catchy chorus. In the next song “Dawn,” Cubbage takes on a more acoustic vibe which works very well. Beginning with a nice acoustic guitar arpeggio section, followed by gentle vocal layering, makes for a beautiful track. These two songs show the artistic range of Cubbage. The songs are never predictable or boring; instead there is great attention to detail. Cubbage offers a refined approach to music writing and expression.

There is no mentioning how versatile Cubbage is without mentioning the final track “Beautiful Night” which is the most unique track on the EP. Starting off with a funky, rhythmic, electric guitar, leading into a groove that is absolutely infectious speaks volumes about Cubbage’s ability as a song writer. “Beautiful Night” has both great instrumentation and is backed by wonderful production leaving you with a musical experience only expected from professionals. This song was a personal favorite and a masterful ending to this EP.

Cubbage is an up and coming artist with a diverse and unique sound you will not want to miss. 'Here and Now' is an expressive, musical, artistic album that features a variety of songs that will appeal to music enthusiasts. Looking ahead, Cubbage is planning a Northeastern tour from PA to Canada and making new music for his next release. His music is available to purchase on Itunes or Bandcamp. You can also follow Cubbage on Spotify.


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