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  • Bryon Harris

Jenna Glatt - Drunk and Dreamin'

For those of you who missed out on our first review of Jenna Glatt , she returns with another sensational hit, "Drunk and Dreamin'." Jenna is a favorite artist here at Indie-Spoonful. She fully impressed with her single “Deep in Love” and has knocked it out of the park, once again, with “Drunk and Dreamin'.”

Jenna Glatt is a talented artist with an amazing voice. After graduating Berklee School of Music with high honors, Jenna attracted worldwide attention from the music industry with a number of outstanding production offers. With her irresistible voice, great production, undeniably good songwriting and stage appeal, Jenna is sure to be the next big thing. A&R folks - If you don't have Jenna Glatt on your watch-list, add her now.

Jenna Glatt shows again that she has what it takes to be a top-charting artist with her new single “Drunk and Dreamin'.” As the song begins we are introduced to a simple yet soulful beat followed by Jenna’s polished vocals. From the first verse, Jenna shows off how she can masterfully craft a memorable song. She begins by singing “I think I met someone last night. So familiar like a past life. Feels like déjà vu cause its too good to be true." Not only are the verses and lyrics catchy, but Jenna delivers them with impeccable vocal clarity and a beautifully smooth timbre.

Jenna builds up to the chorus saying “Was it all in my mind… Or was I drunk and dreamin'?” I can say, with confidence, that you are not drunk and dreamin' if you fall head over heals for Jenna Glatt's music. Piecing together the final component of this song, is a great chorus. To no surprise to this reviewer, the chorus is not one that you’ll be forgetting any time soon. To add icing to the cake, Jenna layers her own vocals and weaves in and out of the melody showing she can hit the notes: high, low and everything in-between.

Overall, “Drunk and Dreamin'” is an excellent song you don’t want to miss; it's extremely well-written, from the first note to the last, with hooks and lyrics that show pop sophistication; Jenna Glatt has contemporary commercial appeal wrapped up in a talent that is undeniable. Jenna’s single “Drunk and Dreamin'” is available on all major music platforms.

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