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  • Bryon Harris

Polar Summer - 'Our Own Tribe'

Polar Summer is an up and coming hard alternative rock band. Drawing influences from artists like Story of the Year, Guns N’ Roses and Van Halen, Polar Summer delivers a classic sound with great musicianship on every level. Polar Summer is releasing their debut EP 'Our Own Tribe' proving they have what it takes to be successful in their genre and in the music industry.

The first track off of Polar Summer’s debut EP 'Our Own Tribe' is “Back Off” and I will say that fans will do just the opposite - they will listen for more! "Back off" kicks off the EP with high energy and heavy distorted guitar followed by Halenkamps powerful vocals. The bass and drums work together seamlessly creating a solid track to get things started. Along with a great performance from the band, the chorus, “Back off before I get addicted to you” is sure to get you addicted to this band.

“Overcast” is the next song on the EP and it shows great radio potential for Polar Summer. “Overcast” perfectly displays Halenkamps vocal dynamism, matching the bands energy at every level, during both the high and lower energy moments. This song exhibits Polar Summer’s ability to write a song that can appeal to a mass audience. The melody during the chorus is infectious and every time it comes in you can’t help but to want to jam along ; this is a band that can fully engage their audiences with music that they will sing along too.

Speaking of high energy, good stage presence and a polished performance style, check out their live video 'Reeling Me In." You can see that the audience is right their with them on every note.

Last on the EP Polar Summer tones it down with “Winter”. “Winter” is a great addition to 'Our Own Tribe' because it showcases the bands versatility. "Winter" shows off a more delicate side to Halenkamp’s voice while still proving that he can let go and belt some high notes. Though it is not one of their higher energy song’s, there is no mistake that the high quality songwriting brought by Polar Summer contains an intensity whether the song is slow or fast tempo. I hear this song having potential in television and movies.

'Our Own Tribe' is a truly great find for anyone looking for a solid, alternative rock band that delivers a high energy kick, while putting out first-rate musicianship and memorable songs that don't blast at you, but engage you fully. Already polished touring performers, Polar summer is ready to hit the road again, with hope to release the debut album by 2016/early 2017. At the moment the EP is only available hard copy, however the three singles are available for purchase via all major music platforms and their website

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