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  • Bryon Harris

Alissa Musto - 'What We Saw From the Piano Bar'

Alissa Musto is a multi-talented singer-songwriter with jazz, pop and rock influences. Honing her talent from a young age, Alissa won several piano competitions and was featured on the national television show “America’s Most Talented Kid”. In 2015 Alissa released her album 'What We Saw from the Piano Bar' and it immediately to critical acclaim. She draws from a stellar list of influences inlcuding artists like Lana Del Rey, Christina Perri, Amy Winehouse and Billy Joel, but has crafted a sound that is uniquely her own. After listening to her debut, there is no wonder why it has received the praise it has. 'What We Saw from the Piano Bar' is an amazingly well done album by a true artist and when I say the word "artist," I am referring to the highest caliber of talent, the kind of talent that has depth and merit, technical acumen (both vocal and instrumental), training, passion and originality.

The first song off the album “Black Flak”, does an excellent job showcasing the multi-talented Alissa Musto. At the start we are graced by just piano and Alissa’s lulling voice, which slowly reels in as the song builds. With the addition of strings and a more complex piano line, Alissa shows her ability to craft a beautiful melody in just the first 20 seconds of this album. As the song continues to develop with more intricate production and piano playing, it’s clear that Alissa is an exceptional singer, songwriter, and musician. “Black Flak” is a powerful start to 'What We Saw from the Piano Bar' and what we are seeing is very polished.

Fourth on the album, “Kids at the Bar” adds a fun, upbeat change.. Starting off with an energetic piano line, “Kids” shows off a different side of Alissa’s artistry. In “Kids”, Alissa displays her ability to combine a story with a memorable melody, to create a musical experience that will stick with you long after the song is over. "And we talk about this love of ours, It's gonna break our hearts...I swear someday were gonna be big stars, but tonight we're just some kids at this bar....I'm not just another girl who hangs around with boys in bands. I'm an artist too." Alissa's lyrics are personal and reflective, easy to relate to, and speak of her experiences as an artist and a young woman finding her own path.

The sixth track on the album and a personal favorite of mine is “Pictures on the Wall”. In this song, Alissa finds her groove and shows off her jazzy side. “Pictures” brings out a more soulful tone in Alissa’s voice which is beautifully accented by small jazzy guitar lines. The addition of bass and drums brings this song together, making a song that you can’t help but to bob back and forth to. With the combination of great production and Alissa’s sultry voice, “Pictures” is sure to be a hit. The song has an honest, confessional quality about it that is very moving and tells the story about a young woman, from a small town, who paints the life she wants to have with pictures on the wall.

Alissa Musto’s album, 'What We Saw from the Piano Bar', is a great presentation that raises the bar for contemporary artists. Song after song, Alissa shows her ability to write songs that are catchy, but never boring or repetitive; her songs that have incredible direction and you will want to follow them and stay with for awhile.

Alissa tours extensively, performing up to four nights a week. She has recently entered the Guitar Center Singer-songwriter competition and will be posting original material every week on

'What We Saw from the Piano Bar' is available for purchase on amazon, itunes, and at any of Alissa’s live shows.

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