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  • Bryon Harris

Brooke Barry - 'Mirror'

Brooke Barry is a upcoming and very promising young artist from the Los Angeles region. With her indulgent, smooth voice, Brooke has the ability to quickly captivate and keep her audience in the palm of her hand. At only 17, Brooke is developing into an amazing artist. Working with her management, Monet Corso of Black Book Artists, Brooke just released her first single “Mirror” and plans to release an album by 2017. Taking elements from both rock and electronic music, Brooke’s music is entrancing, making for a memorable music experience that will have fans of indie music jumping on-board.

Brooke’s single, “Mirror” is the perfect showcase of her talent. The song starts simply with just an acoustic guitar accompanying her voice. This is a great way to start because the simplicity of the track allows for Brooke’s mesmerizing voice to shine through and hook you from the beginning. Her vocals are clear, with a gentle timbre and soft tone. Like a pro, Brooke shows great control over her voice. Building up to the chorus, the guitar is backed-up by some piano and strings. This instrumentation adds more depth, accenting the emotion that Brooke pours out in the first chorus. Moving forward, to the second verse, there is a full band/production. The sound is fuller than in the first section of the song. Showing off just how infectious her voice can be, Brooke exhibits her vocal dexterity in the second verse with smooth vocalizes. As we reach the bridge of the song, Brooke shows some attitude in her voice showing her rock influence, which leads us into the final chorus of the song where Brooke completely lets go before the song slows back down, and comes to an end. Brooke is able to take a song from its initial introductory to a full anthem and keep her listener on every note. The lyrics to "Mirror" are as sophisticated and as moving as Brooke herself. "And I am so tired of watching you fall. ...where did you go wrong? No I can't recognize her on the mirror on the wall." One thing is for sure and that is that when you listen to Brook Barry, you will recognize talent, passion, and an independent artist who has everything it takes to rise to the top.

Brooke has always shared her music with the intent of making her listeners feel connected. Her new reflective single “Mirror” is filled with so much heart and passion that there is no doubt she has accomplished her goal. Brooke is currently working on her debut EP along with performing at open mic nights and constantly striving to become a better musician. To keep with Brooke’s most recent work, check out her website.

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