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Bongo Boy Records - 'Volume Nine'

Bongo Boy Records new release ‘Volume Nine’ offers eleven tracks by today’s hottest recording artists and songwriters covering music genres from Pop, Hip Hop, Rap to EDM and Rock. This digital album is a hot collection of songs that are catching fire stateside and internationally. Every song is a future chart topper. Individually the artists have won awards by the Akademia Music Awards, the Hollywood Music Media Awards, and the Philly Hip Hop Awards and various artists have appeared on MTV, Billboard, VH1, NBC, Roku, NFL, MLB, Aspire and Bongo Boy TV. The songs on ‘Volume Nine’ are produced and mixed with excellence as the seven talented artists offer up eleven songs that sound like number one hits.

A perfect introduction, “Everything Is Alright,” performed by Neil and Adam is uplifting and catchy. The duo sings about inner beauty and acceptance, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, look like, everything is alright, you’re still an open book.” Track two is the gem, “Love Hurts,” performed by Destiny Malibu, a breakout artist featured on Shutter 16 Magazine. The great groove combined with Destiny’s smooth, mesmerizing vocals will tempt you to the dance-floor. Moving from electro-pop to a folk edge, “I’ll Take It All” by the UK duo The Condriacs is a reflective, upbeat song that will put a smile on your face as will the entire album.

The first hip hop song on the album, “Promises” is a killer rap! Performed by the Orange County duo Conceptz and ft.Suzann Christine, Conceptz drops a stellar rap performance while Suzann adds smooth R & B vocals. Conceptz, a Billboard charting group, returns on album with three additional tracks (Thank you Bongo Boy Records). Their song DOLO opens with a scale-wise, eighth note motif that repeats throughout to provide a foundation for Conceptz to show off their rhythmic genius as they weave in and out and around the melodic pattern with seriously good rap. Another sure hit, is “Get Back to Ya” ft. Stickly Bi.” The duo coins the chorus “Get Back To Ya” which is sure to explode commercially. The album ends with my favorite cut, “Keep it Movin” ft. Prometheus - “See the haters gonna hate, but keep it movin’, keep it movin.’” This cut is first-rate hip hop with a compelling message - no doubt Conceptz keeps it movin’ with four outstanding hip hop hits on this album.

There’s something for everyone on ‘Volume Nine’ with the remaining songs offering up

International Pop, American Country and Rock, and Jamaican Power House. Hailing from Switzerland, Michael Resin’s ballad “Falling” gives listeners a sensitive performance to chill-out to against a backdrop of piano and poetic French interludes spoken by Benjamin Karmer adding great dimension. Artist Tammi T’s “Dance with a Stranger” will get you back on the dance floor as she pumps out powerhouse vocals to a bass-filled beat that will resonate through your blood. And if dancing Country is more your style, Inches from Sin’s “Why don’t We Get Married” will have you clapping along and kicking your boots up. Whether you are a DJ, a radio station, or a music lover, spin 'Volume Nine' from beginning to end and you won't want to skip a track; in fact you'll spin it again and again.

Bongo Boy Records Asia is a part of Bongo Boy Universal Music Group which is owned and operated by Bongo Boy Records. Bongo Boy Records welcomes recording artists from around the world to submit their music for consideration for the next Volume release Volume X which now offers Worldwide distribution and Promotions (non-exclusive). For more information about “Volume Nine” visit

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