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  • Bryon Harris

The Slang - 'Night and Day'

Appearing at festivals across the U.S. including NXNE, Midpoint Music Festival, CMJ Festival, and in media venues like HBO, USA Network and Troma Films, alternative rock group 'The Slang' has released their second anticipated EP “Night and Day” to critical acclaim. 'The Slang' is John Bobo on vocals, guitar and piano and John Newsome on Bass with additional Nashville studio musicians.

The EP opens with “Ballad of Everything” which shows that the band is capable of taking listeners on a full ride from tasteful simplicity all the way to a wall of sound including a string quartet. Lead singer John Bobo slowly applies more and more vocal energy as the song progresses to the full chorus, “So it begins. The ballad of everything that ends. So it ends. The ballad of everything that begins.” The lyrics are clever and entice us to listen closely. The chorus is catchy with universal appeal followed by a string quartet outro that pleases with full symphonic sound.

"Breakthrough" was my favorite songs on the EP. At the foundation is a piano accompanied by echoing guitar riffs on a great motif. The song is very well-written with an energy that holds you until the end. Bobo starts the song off in a subdued, emotive vibe “I’d like to help you, but I don’t even know where to start,” then delivers the chorus with complete confidence. Like its title, the song is a breakthrough for the band and will resonate with fans of indie music.

"Miracle Sound" is midway through the EP with a verse-chorus format, strong melodic content , encased by by good guitar riffs and solid bass. Then opening with a short, ripping drum solo and nice guitar work, the next song "Night and Day" cleverly takes you from a hypothetical, “When you think about it hypothetically" to a constant “You think about it constantly” to a confirmation “We think about it constantly.”

The 5-song EP ends with “Remember to Forget.” The song is another fine example of all the elements that make 'The Slang' a success. Like the songs that proceed, “Remember to Forget” displays great musicianship with tasteful leads, a well-composed string section with excellent melodic and harmonic layering, meaningful lyrics, solid bass and percussion, and overall great production. "If we look back years from now will we smile or will tears come down. But just like you I’ve got a job to do. I write these songs…it’s all that gets me through.” If they look back years from now, I think 'The Slang' will be happy with the job they did as will their fans. This is not your average EP. A lot of work went into the studio on these songs and it shows.

You can stream and share the full release via Soundcloud.

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