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  • Bryon Harris

Cooper Phillip - 'Party By Myself'

With the passion, drive and talent to take the world by storm, there is no surprise that artist Cooper Phillip is drawing all ears and eyes towards her. From a young age, Phillip developed a strong connection with music. Influenced by artist such as Ella Fitzgerald, Mariah Carey and her music teachers, Phillip’s musical upbringing helped shape her sound and drove her to expand her vocal abilities impressing both her audiences and her mentors. Equipped with amazing talent and an unstoppable drive to make it to the top, Phillip is an artist to watch out for. She should have no problem charting with songs like “Party By Myself”.

From the start of the song you can hear the professional quality of Phillip’s music. This mix is extremely clear making it easy to enjoy and appreciate the nuances of the production. Along with great clarity, the build-up paired with the beat drop alone is enough to get any club or party dancing. With an electronic vibe powered by a reggaeton-esk beat, “Party By Myself” is already tailored to todays’ music market and only gets better with the addition of Phillip’s voice.

Phillip’s voice is confident, strong, and controlled. In the first verse, she comes in with clarity and sends chills through your body with her mesmerizing tone that compliments the quieter build up leading to the first chorus. The hook of “Party By Myself” is catchy and energetic allowing Phillip to unleash her voice using a fuller sound that demonstrates her vocal command. However, it is not until the end of the song, building up to the final chorus, when we get to hear Phillip fully let go, demonstrating how amazingly powerful her voice is through a multitude of ad libs and vocalizes. Phillip’s has a truly astounding voice.

When being introduced to Cooper Phillip’s “Party By Myself” it is hard to believe that this song isn’t something that is already being played alongside today’s top hits and that Phillip isn’t signed to a major label . The great quality of the production paired with Phillip’s talent is a surefire recipe for a Billboard hit enjoyed by the masses. So, Cooper Phillip with her undeniable talent and a radio-ready hit certainly won't be partying by herself; with this song - she could be partying with millions.

Cooper Phillip is currently preparing for an upcoming music video, along with a tour in the U.S.. Her song “Party by Myself” along with her other releases can be purchased via Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

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