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  • Bryon Harris

Tyler Colt's Single "Come Home" Captivates

Tyler Colt is a rising star in the making. Colt is an indie-rock singer/songwriter with a wide range of musical talents from singing, playing guitar, to bass and drums. It is no surprise that Colt is being pulled into many arenas including movies, TV commercials, and music videos, but it is clear that music is his fist passion and he scores very high marks for the stellar writing and production of his hit single, “Come Home”.

“Come Home” is an indie anthem that is downright catchy and easy to relate to; the song will definitely go far in building a worldwide fan-base, especially with fans in Tyler’s age group. Did I mention that Tyler is 17? He is seventeen and well on his way to joining the ranks of stars who started out young. He has all the right qualities: a guy-next-door tenor voice, great stage presence and charisma, and most importantly songs with strong hooks. Colt’s goal with his music is to get people up, moving, and enjoying life, and from the start of this song I can tell you that he is achieving his goal. As soon as “Come Home” starts, we are hit with Colts energetic, rhythmic guitar then the drums come in two bars later and the song starts jamming. Colt is a studied guitar player who shows sophistication in his style. He never shows off. Instead, he lets the guitar take its place in the music with just the right amount of power-crunch groove. Just like his first line of the song “You pulled me in had me right from the start,” this song pulls you in from the start and captivates you until the very end.

After the rocking intro, Colt breaks into the first verse of the song. Colt, being a multi-faceted artist, shows that he is able to craft a verse that is both fun and contagious. His voice is easy going and the small vocal harmonies that Colt adds to the mix makes for an extremely professional sound. The end of the verse transitions seamlessly into the pre-chorus where Colt displays more of his vocal talent with stronger harmonies which act as a perfect build up to the chorus.

The chorus of “Come Home” is where Colt’s writing talent is apparent. With a strong melody that is memorable and a fine voice to back it all up, the chorus to “Come Home” glues the song together making it a lovable tune that you will undoubtedly find yourself singing along with. Green Day like power chords and steady, rocking drums are topped off by Colt’s layered vocals, creating a recipe that satisfies and has you asking for a second serving. And the icing on the cake is the production and mix that is just right for his vocals. Colt released an entertaining video of "Come Home" that has a great story line, a little acting and theatrics, some guitar playing, a pretty girl, some animation, all to the track of a hit song and it's a lot of fun too. Seriously, what more can you ask for? With already almost 89 thousand views on youtube, this single is a great testimony to Colt’s appeal.

With “Come Home,” Tyler has secured a place in the indie-rock music world. Currently, Colt balances school with touring and is playing regional shows in California. Colt is looking forward to a charity event in December where he will take the stage with his mentor Monte Pittman who was Madonna’s main guitarist. Colt will also be back in the studio with several new songs in the works.

Colt’s song “Come Home” and all of his other singles are available through iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and major music platforms. With his good looks, bright young talent, and a deep passion or what he loves, Tyler Colt is sure to rise up and make his musical mark.


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