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  • Bryon Harris

Cody Webb’s New Single “More Than a Little”

Emerging Country singer-songwriter Cody Webb has released a new single “More Than a Little” from his self-titled EP that will whet your appetite – more than a little, much more. This song is irresistible country at its best with a pop sensibility that will surely crossover markets. “More Than a Little” is what country radio hits are made of. The song makes you feel good and before you know it, you are singing along like it’s your best friend.

“More Than a Little” was co-written with Trey Matthews. The songwriters state that they “purposely set out to write a song that would have instant appeal” with a chorus that would “stick to you the first time you heard it.” They wanted to write a song that “described a moment” and that moment is a first kiss. And what could be more universal than a first kiss?

The song opens with a 32 bar guitar riff then enters a twangy-country guitar solo. The intro lasts about fifteen seconds and it’s perfect. The guitar riff is not showing off; it’s complimentary and sets the mood – light and fun. Following the opening riff is a subtle layer of pulsing percussion and some rhythm guitar as Webb’s voice enters and, just as he tells his girl that he’s going to “turn her porch into a dance floor tonight,” the drumbeat on the downbeat kicks in as if the musicians are already setting the groove on the porch dance floor, inviting us to join them. It’s worth noting that the drums in this song are always spot on, taking the listener right up to the most critical moments and Webb is a talented guitarist.

After the first verse, several things are obvious. “More Than a Little” is well-produced and well mixed. Mixing is often overlooked, but it is very important and the mix is just right. Webb’s vocals sound effortless, never strained, and the instrumentation is perfectly balanced. As Webb sets the story about a guy meeting a girl, their first kiss, and the guy not wanting to show that he’s falling pretty hard - we relate to and like him. Webb is, frankly, a singer with great likability and stage presence. He has that guy-next-door tenor voice, a great look and style. If he wasn’t a singer-songwriter, he could probably be a movie star. Webb has toured extensively and it has paid off; he is comfortable in his own skin and comes across as an artist who is polished and ready for big things.

Moving onto the most critical part of a hit country song, the chorus. The chorus of “More Than a Little” is full of charm and the stuff that works; it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s universal, it’s memorable, and it has a little bit of twist to keep things interesting. Starting with the lyrics, Bye, bye my heart. Hello your lips. I know where I’m headed after this kiss. Head over heels. Falling into more than a little in love with you. And there’s the twist. He doesn’t say “I’m falling in love with you.” This is "a guy thing" and he’s trying to keep his cool. He’s falling “more than a little in love.” For my taste, I would have liked to hear a bit more harmony in the song; the more Webb vocals the merrier. Other than that, the chorus hits all the right notes. The ending format wraps up nicely. The last chorus has a stronger back beat as the instruments drop down and we are treated to another fine guitar solo before Webb repeats the theme “more than a little in love with you.” This song is a country classic and fans will fall more than a little in love with it, much more.

You can find Cody Webb on all major online outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon Music etc.


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