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  • Bryon Harris

Looking For Good Music? You Can "Exhale" with Sarah Blacker

Sarah Blacker is a stand-out singer songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts who has four very impressive CD’s under her belt. She has been recognized by the New England Music Awards, the Boston Music Awards, and the Limelight Music Awards. Her fourth studio album, In Waves, was released via ILS Music / Caroline / Universal Music Group.

Indie-Spoonful is all about feeding you a daily dose of independent music, one great song at a time. It was extremely difficult to pick just one Sarah Blacker song from her CD 'In Waves.' Imagine opening up a box of gourmet chocolates and only being able to choose one! Since I did have to choose just one, the song that moved me the most was Exhale.

Exhale shows off Blacker’s ability to draw you in with her smooth, relaxing vocals from the first note to the last. Her music is unpredictable, sophisticated, and utterly entrancing. Blacker is overflowing with originality. The song is about coasting along, singing your song, then noticing, for the first time, someone out of the corner of your eye. “I guess I just coasted along lookin’ out the side of my eye and singin’ my songs.” As you become aware of the dance, you tune into it. “But now I’m noticing you like I’d never done before, tuning into your voice, your thought, your being…” And the more you notice, the more you know a connection exists. And it is such a rare feeling to find that connection, such a pleasant surprise, right in front of you the whole time, that now – you can exhale. And this is exactly how you will feel when you first listen to Blacker. Once you hear her crystal clear voice and soft tone, you can’t help but dial yourself into the lyrics, the drums, the guitars, until you’re completely submerged into her song.

When this song ended, I just wanted to hear more and I knew a certain truth - Blacker is an excellent songwriter and a gifted artist. She is an extremely talented vocalist and a very strong creative force. I look forward to her fall tour with Mishka and up-and-coming works.

For more information about Sarah Blacker, please visit her website.

Please enjoy this video of another great Sarah Blacker song - "In Waves."


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